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Posted on Apr 12, 2018 in Riders blog, Videos, Wayne Garrick

March’s Beast from the East with Wayne Garrick

I write this blog from the comforts of my beach towel in my back garden, soaking in this scorching spring sun.

And then I woke up frozen to the spot as yet another layering effort fails to keep out the subzero temperatures.

We very intuitively and sensibly put in some automatic water drinkers. Sensible my arse! Frozen pipes and the ridiculous notion that they would be easier, dashed by the fact we are now ferrying 312 buckets of water per stable!

On the coldest day just prior to the first beast from the east, one of the goats ‘Tallulah’ showed complications during labour, so we had the Vets out to give her a caesarean, she was less than helpful and I had to hold her stomach in whilst Lady vet sewed her up. Delightful!! She birthed a beautiful boy named Caesar (original) so he now joins unicorns baby ‘Myth’ on the yard, running around like idiots and jumping in everything.

garricks goats

Caeser (Garrick’s Goats)

Between all the crap bits of weather, we have made huge progress with the Horses.

Backfire and I have finally reached an accord where in we both behave ourselves and keep our brains in our heads.

Thargo is coming along beautifully, cantering on grass on hacks and other than a slight sideways launch into a ploughed field, where he flailed like a drowning cat before coming to his senses and casually walking out of it?!?!

Hera is making awesome progress on the flat, scoring 67% at a recent Bd outing, which is just incredible from where we started from.

Viv as always is best boy and can do no wrong !
Coming together beautifully under the tuition of roger Gregory. His patience and knowledge surpass that of most saints.
Viv’s new Dressage saddle arrived from Devoucoux and its fabulous. The harmoni is beautifully made and allows him more freedom through the shoulder and has me sitting much more upright and keeps my Lower leg in a much better position.

Biscuit also competed with Hera and stole the show with 67 and 69% in the novices. Not bad going for his first Bd Show ❤️

The yard continues to grow under the snow and when the correct season steps forward I’ll post pictures lol. Currently everything is white!

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