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Posted on Apr 2, 2016 in Rider gear - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Tried and Tested – Sockmine Socks

Tried and Tested – Sockmine Socks



Long ago, in the textile heartlands of Nottinghamshire, there was a picturesque factory called Roy Lowe and Sons. It was run by Roy and his two sons, Tim and Martin. It was a happy factory and they made the best socks in the land until one day, an evil economic spell was cast that ground the proud machines to a halt.

The factory closed down. Myths about the abandoned factory floated on the wind around the county. Some people believed it was full of elves who still produced socks; others even claimed to have seen elves running out to do a cob run on Friday mornings. Myth grew into legend and things that should never have been forgotten fell out of memory.

Until one day, a son of the third generation, Ben, a golden child with flecks of silver in his curly hair, was sweeping the factory floor when he came across what turned out to be a great mine shaft. With a head full of adventure and a heart full of valour, he descended and found a mine full of elves who were proudly knitting the finest technical socks in the land. This gave Ben a marvellous idea. A treaty was formed with the elves and on this fateful day the SockMine was born!

Our pledge…

Socks are to us what coal is to a mine – they’re the knitted pearls of energy that power us to excellence. And, if you’ll let us, we’d love to freshly mine the highest specification of technical socks especially for you. Whether it’s running, cycling, hiking, skiing or snowboarding that gets your adrenaline pumping, you can count on our socks to provide you with the finest podiatric comfort while you dig deep for the burn! If the fact that we’ve just expertly used the scientific adjective for ‘feet’ doesn’t convince you that we’re super-serious about hosiery, then we’ll drop in the fact that we’re the official licensee of Extreme Sports for socks, hats, gloves and scarfs – and those guys know a thing or two about technical sports gear!

Technically designed with the horse rider in mind, these Equestrian socks boast six benefits essential to the rider whilst exercising within a school or out on a country hack. Sturdy and comfortable these socks boast COOLMAX® cushioning to keep your feet dry and comfortable. A must have piece of gear for all riders.

Best used for: General horse riding.

  1. Elasticated rib top gently holds the sock in place.
  2. Slingshot elasticated heel helps prevent slipping.
  3. Flex lines help prevent the sock bunching.
  4. Extra thick padding for comfort and warmth.
  5. Reinforced heel and toe for increased durability.
  6. Comfort toe-seam reduces rubbing.

Charlie I go through socks so quickly riding so many horses. I also find it difficult as I have long legs, to find socks durable and large enough. Sock Mine socks are just perfect because they last even with a lot of wear and they are big enough! Fantastic socks that are really comfortable and stand out from the crowd!

Abi Like a lot of people, I’ve always had a bit of a thing socks! Not only do you want confront and warmth but I love a funky one too! I spotted the Sock Mine socks from a mile off because I loved the colours and the designs. I snapped up a few pairs and instantly fell in love! For a rider they are thick enough to keep your feet warm but thin enough on your leg for your boots. They give great support when riding and they wash and wear excellently! I’d never buy another riding sock ever again!

Abi and Charlie Hutton Dressage


I was given the Chatsworth sock to try from Divine Equestrian and I have to say I was really surprised as I currently have tendinitis on the Ankle and was going to be stood up at event all day which is not always the best thing for my Ankle. The socks firstly kept my feet extremely warm but what i was most impressed with was how they kept my ankle supported  – definitely a winner for me!

Lisa Smith Eventing

You can purchase these socks from the below stores:


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