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Posted on Jul 16, 2017 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Tried and Tested PharmaQuin Joint Supplement

Tried and Tested PharmaQuin Joint Supplement

Bettalife PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA is the highest specification joint supplement in the UK

Our product has a pure 10:10:4 ratio of Glucosamine HCI and N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin Sulphate and the highest levels of HA



It contains no additives or fillers


A 1kg pot lasts an 500-600kg horse approx 100 days


We are so confident it works that we offer a 100% money back guarantee

joint supplement


The RRP is  £ 64.99

I used PharmaQuin Joint complete on my semi retired school mistress who I now teach on and hire to a client to hunt occasionally. After one week on it and a day’s hunting she was fresh and had next to no stiffness. I am normally rather suspicious of these supplements but was fairly impressed with this one! 4half-stars
Paul Gaff Eventing

I  was very lucky to receive off my lovely sponsor Stable Equestrian a small pot of Pharma – Quin Joint supplement.

Now I’m always sceptical when it comes to joint supplement, having suffered Arthritis since I was a child it means I’m more subjective than most as over the years I too have tried a lot of things to help myself! What I noticed first off was the ingredients-

In particular the amounts of

-Glucosamine- 12,000mg,

MSM– 12,000mg

Chondroitin– 4,800mg.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but this product does seem to have the highest amounts available in the Equine industry so far. I remember reading quite a while back that for a joint supplement to be classed as effective a minimum of 10,000 mg Glucosamine & 10,000 MSM was needed. Well this product has more that this + quite a lot of Chondroitin which again is vital & expensive to add to a joint supplement. Then there is a lot more other supportive ingredients as well, all in all on Paper this supplement seems to be very good!So onto my trial, which unfortunately was very short 5 days at loading dose, this was due to the size of the pot I had & not the supplement. But by day 3 I did notice the normal stifle crack noise I get off my Advanced horse (which he has had for years) had disappeared & he did feel very supple.Unfortunately the trial ended before I could really try it, but just in those 5 days I was pleased with it, we had no feeding issues & it has no smell. I would have loved to of tried it on my old more compromised horse. All in all I would give it the thumbs up for ingredients alone.4half-stars

Carrie Turner Dressage


I tried it on a couple of my horses and noticed a distinct improvement they seemed  a lot more free, they seemed to use themselves a lot more. The horse that made the most significant improvement was a little thoroughbred that feels like a wooden block to ride sometimes but he came out much softer and had much more elasticity in his work, I would not hesitate to recommend this product be great to see how a couple of the horses performed whilst using this product. I love the fact that the company offer 100% money back as they know their product is of the top quality and will work.

Lisa smith Eventing

five star rating


joint supplements


“I have to give PharmaQuin Joint Complete HA from Bettalife a 5 star rating. I have used the supplement for over 12 months with excellent results.  Tika my main horse at the moment has competed and been well placed in 3 3* competition s and now getting ready for the 4th 3* international. I’m sure without the help of pharmaquin our results wouldn’t have been as good.

five star rating

Heather Bennett International Para Dressage.

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