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Posted on Mar 16, 2016 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Tried and Tested NAF Recover

Tried and Tested NAF Recover


An antioxidant formula for relaxed muscles, Recover is ideal after strenuous exercise and competition to support the horse’s natural recovery process. Fed as a five day course, it helps ensure mobility and athletic potential is maintained.

Have you ever thought about the effect exercise is having on your horse at a muscular level? And have you ever thought about what you can do to minimise recovery time and make your horse as comfortable as possible after exercise?

Our horses muscles are fascinating, in their physical ability, trainability and tolerance to strain. A great deal of knowledge has emerged on muscle function and composition over the last 30 years, and now we are lucky enough that leading brands such as NAF are able to use this knowledge to produce great products designed to aid recovery and minimise discomfort. This now means that we can better care for our horses on the inside, so that they are physically comfortable and have the best possible muscular health to maintain optimum performance.

NAF have recently launched a unique new product, called ‘Recover’. Recover is a powerful antioxidant formula, designed to be given for five days with feed after strenuous exercise, during which time it will support the body’s natural recovery process and aid muscle relaxation … fast!                                   horse supplement

We had some of Stable Equestrian Riders put this product to the test here is what they came back with.





 NAF Recover: We tried this product on two different horses, the first was one of the three star horses.  Obviously this time of year we are all gearing up for the start on the eventing season and trying to cram in as much training, schooling and lessons as we can.  We had a particularly big week when the three star horses ended up show jumping, cross country schooling and having dressage lessons.  We thought one of the boys looked a little tired after his strenuous week and I decided to try him on the recover.  After the first couple of days he already seemed a lot loser and more relaxed to ride and it seemed to act as a bit of a pick me up to.  By the end of the 5 day course he was once again firing on all cylinders and is ready for the start of the eventing season.

We also used it on a 6-year-old mare who had flown in from Australia the day before.  It is such a long flight for the horses, 24hrs on the plane plus travel time to and from the airport at both ends of the journey.  We started Dilly on the recover the day after she arrived, she seemed really stiff and sore, lethargic and flat. She was looking and I am sure feeling absolutely exhausted after such a long journey.  Initially we syringed the recommended dose straight in to her mouth as she was reluctant to eat anything and we wanted to make sure she got the entire dose.  After the second day she began to show signs of improvement and began to eat the recover mixed in with her feed.  She seemed a lot more relaxed in her muscles and the slight stiffness behind seemed to be improving every day.  By day four she seemed so much happier, she was bright, attentive and back to her normal cheeky self again.  She is now in work, feeling fantastic and really blooming thanks to NAF recover, I think it was the pick me up she really needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.

five star rating

Sammi Birch nee Mcleod International Event Rider



Last Month I had a couple bottles of NAF recover to try.

Now I’m usually fairly suspicious of calming/recovery supplements and would be the first person to say they don’t all work!

In this case I first used it on one of the younger horses after a busy few days show jumping, being fairly fit and I feel not really having exerted himself massively I didn’t feel much of a difference.

Having been not overly impressed I then tried the other bottle on a slightly older school mistress of mine. At the grand old age of 21 years she is still fit, competing, hunting and enjoying her retirement. After a day’s hunting in fairly heavy going I thought it was the perfect time to try it.

The difference in her recovery time was remarkable and I was thrilled with the way she felt out hacking the following day. Usually coming out stiff and a bit fatigued the following day she had a new found spring in her step and didn’t feel at all like she had been jumping in heavy going the previous day!

This would defiantly be a supplement I will be keen to test out on the horses this coming season especially over the course of a CCI event! Having been previously unimpressed would recommend to anybody whether they be pony clubbers at camp or a 4* rider/horse at a big three day!

five star rating

Paul Gaff International  Event Rider



I have been trying the Recover on young horse who is currently being backed and thought as he was young he could do with a bit extra help in recovering from each days exertions once his work had stepped up. I feel like it has aided him as he never comes out weary or tired however I haven’t noticed a massive difference. However I have kept another bottle back to try it on the horses once they have evented so will keep you all posted on that.


Lisa Smith Eventing


to purchase Naf Recover please click here!

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