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Posted on Dec 2, 2016 in Grooming - tried & tested, Health - tried and tested, Rider gear - tried and tested, Saddlery & tack - tried and tested, Tried and tested

The Barn Box  –  Tried and Tested

The Barn Box – Tried and Tested

The UK’s monthly Equestrian Subscription Box for every horse and every rider. ​

What’s is a Barn Box? Well it’s pretty simple… a Barn Box is a one off or monthly subscription box filled with old, new and innovative treats and goodies for horse and rider! We’re spending our days sourcing the best and most exciting equestrian products from all over the UK and internationally, delivering right to your doorstep! Each box will have a range, from everyday products to one off items you may have never seen or heard of before. Every item will be tried and tested and fully assessed by our team at HQ!

large barn box

large barn box


large box

Your box will contain simply the best horsey things from lotions and potions to pony snacks, vouchers and entries! Every box will be different and we’ll be making them as seasonal, fun and innovative as we possibly can!

barn box

Large Barn Box

How do you know your getting your moneys worth? We’re ultra generous and only want to impress, we know you’ll love whats inside!

We’re as excited as you are about Barn Box, we’re sure you’ll love getting your monthly box and we can’t wait for you to join in with the fun. What we do for our horses hey!

Small Box – £19.99 contains 5-7 products
Large Box £29.99 contains 8-10 products
3, 6 and 12 month subscription options.Not sure? We also offer a 1 month trial box.

A great alternative to a bouquet of flowers for the equine enthusiast. The box has lots of useful & handy items….a great treat or a way to say thanks.

Jo Barry Dressage Rider




Make a lovely gift, comes in a cute box and is packed with really useful and quality products Filled with treats for rider and horse.


Lisa Smith Eventing


To order yours click here to got to Website :

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I think the Barn box is a great idea. It’s fun and an ideal gift for someone.

I would however change a few things to do with it.

1. I would have a theme box. One for competition grooming products. One for everyday yard products such as treats the hat spray and the bailing twine knife. And a vet/care product box.

2. I wouldn’t have the box filled with hay, perhaps smaller box so you don’t have to pack out so much.

3. A small catalogue where you can order the products you like from.

Paul Gaff Eventing


Packaged in a nice rustic looking box, and items nestled safely in hay for their trip through the post, this is a great gift to send to someone. Unwrapping and rummaging through the box to see which goodies are included is a nice way to start a morning. You can tell how much thought has gone into the creation of this and the variety of treats and essentials in the box. If I were to subscribe, for sure it would be to the large box to maximise the variety!

Karen Macmillan

If you would like a January Barn Box be it a subscription or trial box please order before 6pm on the 1st of January. If you are purchasing a Mammoth Christmas Gift Box please order before 6pm on the 10th of December for guaranteed delivery.


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