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Posted on Nov 12, 2018 in Grooming - tried & tested, Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

safe care equine hoof oil spray

safe care equine hoof oil spray


This spray on Hoof Oil contains natural coconut oil that absorbs into the hoof quickly for conditioning.


This is not an aesthetic oil to give you a show-ready shine, but will soak right in and do its job helping to condition the hoof.

You can use this spray on the outer hoof wall, coronet and around the frog too.


RRP Hoof Oil

£5.99 750ml£32.99 5ltr
A Conditioning oil for hooves
I found this product so easy to use and less messy! The horses didn’t bother and even those that are funny with sprays stood for this to be used. It soaked in really quickly which meant that no bedding was getting stuck to it yet gave me peace of mind that their feet had a treatment to help them stay strong. I didn’t have to worry about the temperature freezing it nor if it got knocked over and zero risk of getting oil or creams all over your hands. Their feet stayed in great condition and is definitely a product i want on my yard. five star rating
Guildhouse Sports Horses
Available along with other products from Safe-Care Equine
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