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Posted on Oct 14, 2018 in Saddlery & tack - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Saddle pads – The Akton Pad – Tried and Tested

Saddle pads – The Akton Pad – Tried and Tested


The AKTON Equestrian Back Pad material was originally designed for the medical community to aid in the prevention and curing of bed sores. The material is not technically a “gel” but a solid viscoelastic polymer that is super soft yet does not leak, flow or bottom out. It has been used successfully in the medical markets for over 40 years world wide, and is now being introduced to the United States equestrian market to offer the same protection to horses.


This tissue-like dry polymer assists in reducing shear and evenly distributing pressure – two of the main contributing factors leading to tissue breakdown.

This material is, in simpler terms, an ultrasoft synthetic rubber which acts like a fluid giving uniform support, yet is a coherent soft solid, which does not bottom out.

With its gentle spring-like resilience and soft, easy stretching ability, Akton® quickly adjusts to the shape of any body surface it contacts, intensive pressure points are reduced and the material returns and permanently holds its original shape when not under load. It won’t flow, become lumpy, distorted or leak if the pad is punctured.

The AKTON Back Pad is a low profile, protective skin-interface layer used under the saddle blanket. AKTON Back Pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to fit a wide range of English saddles, Dressage saddles and Western saddles. AKTON Back Pads bring maximum comfort in addition to enhanced shear, pressure and shock absorption to the horse.

  • Fatty Tissue like properties providing a pleasant tactile sensation
  • Temperate skin interface environment by acting as a heat sink
  • Weight distribution and aids saddle fitting by absorbing pressure points
  • Skin sensitive latex and plasticizer free material that does not support bacterial growth
  • Clinically proven pressure sore prevention recommended by Veterinarians.

I have been looking at the Akton pad. As far as pads go it looks very good. I like how thin it is and how it keeps it’s shape under compression. I also like that it spreads forces over a larger surface area. My only concern with any pad is that they increase pressure on the vertebrae which discourages vertebral mobility – dorso-ventral lift and lateral flexion. I would be interested to see it under a pressure gauge to see it’s effects on the vertebrae

McTimoney-Corley Practitioner and Animals Back 2 Balance – Corin Bruce BSc, Dip MCAM, Dip MCST



The Akton pad has to be the best pad I have tried in a long time. I have used all sorts of pads under the saddles to help relieve pressure. I want to say first and foremost it is important you have a correct fitting saddle!! In fact I like this pad so much that I have had the new saddles by @Volatire Saddles fitted with this pad under them! The first thing I liked is the container it comes in really smart and easy to pack into lorry and handy for storing the pad in. The next thing is that the cover is removable and makes it easy to keep clean I have this pad for several months now and it washes really well and the horses do seem to move better with it under its not overly thick so therefore not make it too bulky under the saddle narrowing the gullet. The horses backs seem to be in great condition from using this pad and the physio has found less soreness in the back.

I highly recommend definitely give the pad 8.5/10

Guild House Sport Horses


The Akton pad is available from All a bit horse

The All round pad is 40 x 55 cm and the Back pad is 35 x 50 cm

£75.99 for the back pad (square at the back )

£85.00 for the all round pad  (rounded at the back )

The cover for both are £9.00 each




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