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Posted on Sep 21, 2018 in Tried and tested

Planet Fran by Josie King is a Must Read – Tried and Tested!

Planet Fran by Josie King is a Must Read – Tried and Tested!

Will this be the next  take on the International Velvet Film ?

Well, what can I say about this book, laughs from start to finish following the journey of failed business-woman Fran McBride as she learns to ride to try to realise her dreams of becoming a millionaire.  This is a book that will suit horsey people and non-horsey people, alike, as Josie King takes us along with Fran as she gets to grips with the horsey world.  Those of us who are into riding and eventing get extra laughs at the ‘in’ jokes.  There’s not much out there on the market like this and it’s well worth a read and the 5* reviews it’s boasting, so far.  Word has it, too (direct from the author’s mouth), that it’s being made into a movie next year, so watch this space for some great competitions to get involved that will be exclusive to Stable Equestrian.

Event horse excerpt

This just made me laugh – so true, though!

Jesus Christ Strap excerpt

Whatever you choose to call a neckstrap, they’re often actually invaluable

This is just a real feel good book, A very light hearted read that will make you smile what ever kind of day you have there was some real Laugh out Loud moments I can assure you!! I can’t wait for it to be turned into a movie. It will be a fresh take of Interntional Velvet I would expect! 5/5 stars for me

Lisa Smith  – Guildhouse Sports Horses


Book review:

When I first picked it up I was kind of ‘oh god, what on earth’ but that says more about my desire to read than it does about any book I pick up. As a very slow reader I tend to get the audio version as I get brain ache and have to re read much of what has happened so far!
Well I can safely say that this little page turner kept me flicking, it has some very relatable moments in it and also some cringe moments. A light hearted easy going book that leaves you feeling good at the end of each read. Do I feel ready to tackle the world with the knowledge gained from the book? No, but I do feel that it gave me an emotional boost and at times I laughed out loud.
⭐⭐⭐✨ 3.5/5 stars

Wayne Garrick

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