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Posted on May 29, 2018 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Omega Vitality by Falcon Equine Feeds – Tried and Tested

Omega Vitality by Falcon Equine Feeds – Tried and Tested


OMEGA VITALITY is a great way to ensure your horse is receiving a daily source of the natural vitamins and minerals that they need.
The Key benefits to feeding OMEGA VITALITY to your horse are:
• Provides a natural source of the vitamins & minerals needed.

  • All fully digestible and made from only Natural sources including: -Moringa Leaf Powder, Sea Buckthorn, Cherry Powder, Aloe.
  • Rich in Anti-oxidants
  • Full of Omega 3
  • Help maintain the general health & wellbeing of your horse & Pony

OMEGA VITALITY is the natural way to help you keep your horses and ponies as fit as possible. It provides your them with all of the vital Vitamins and Minerals that they need on a day to day basis.

OMEGA VITALITY is simply added to your everyday feeding regime from between 25g to 100g per day depending on the size of the horse or pony.

OMEGA VITALITY is available in 1.5kg or 3kg sizes.

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I have been using Omega Vitality for some months now and I have to admit all the horses have a great shine to them. It is very palatable as I have a few fussy eaters and not one of them has turned their nose up at it. I find it great value for money and would highly recommend this product !!

Guildhouse Sports Horses




Zak – Guildhouse Sports Horses has a real shine on him

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