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Posted on Dec 15, 2017 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Neoflo Equine Tried and Tested

Neoflo Equine Tried and Tested


Neoflo Equine is cold pressed at Norvite’s own purpose built plant using rapeseed that is grown locally in Aberdeenshire.  Rather than using solvents or heat treatment, the process simply squeezes the seeds to remove the oil, resulting in a nutty flavour that has become popular in domestic cooking and is highly palatable to horses.


  • Highly palatable nutty flavour
  • Supports healthy coat and skin condition
  • Balanced source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Natural source of antioxidants including Vitamin E and polyphenols
  • Slow-release energy for hard working horses or poor doers
  • Cold pressed to preserve the oil’s natural nutritional properties
  • BETA NOPS approved


Suitable for:


  • All horses to maintain healthy skin condition and a glossy coat
  • Horses that need to gain or maintain weight and condition
  • Stressy or nervous horses that require slow-release energy for work
  • Horses that are sensitive to cereals or high starch feeds
  • Fussy feeders and veterans that require oil to complement a high fibre diet
before using Neoflo

Before using Neoflo Equine


after neoflo

After using Neoflo Equine

How much should I feed?

If you are looking to support coat and skin condition then 30-60ml per day (1-2 pumps) is adequate for most horses.  Larger quantities can be fed as appropriate to horses and ponies in hard work or for those that need to gain weight, up to a maximum of 250ml per day to ponies, and 500ml per day to horses in special circumstances.

 I was given Neoflo Equine to try and test for Stable Equestrian and to be honest I don’t like changing things mid competition season so I waited till my horses were finished competing. I used it on zak  – cloudings dream after his break and when he was coming back into work as he is a horse who easily heats up off feed and thought that this product may make him hot to ride however it didn’t and he seems to have kept weight on him much better this winter. I was most surprised when I started clipping the horses that hadnt been on it had a coat shine but Zak just gleamed!! Zak finds it very palatable despite being a fussy feeder and the best bit is that he can be quite a stressy especially when we load and take him anywhere, however when he went for his lesson he loaded well and was very calm and well behaved at the training session which was amazing as this was his first time going out in a while. I can highly recommend this product!!! Five Star Rating!! Guildhouse Sports Horses

five star rating




2.5L – £9.95

5L – £18.95

25L – £85.95


Also available:

30ml pump (fits 5L and 2.5L neck) – £3.75

tap cap for 25L – £6.50


Available from your local feed store or online retailer.  Find us on facebook facebookby clicking the facebook logo or contact


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