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Posted on Jul 16, 2017 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

Finish Line Horse Product – Quia Cal Syringe

Finish Line Horse Product – Quia Cal Syringe

Quia-Cal® is a fast acting one-shot oral paste that promotes healthy nerves in your horse. Supplied in a convenient oral syringe, Quia-Cal® has a tasty apple cinnamon flavor that horses love. Use as an aid in the prevention of minor nervousness during times of stress. Contains Vitamin B1, Calcium and Magnesium. This product does not contain tryptophan and will not make horses “dopey”.


Fast Acting High B1-Calcium Supplement For Healthy Nerves

quia cal

I have been eventing for around 15 years now and i have probably tried nearly every calming supplement on the market due to m,y mum working for a feed merchants and the fact that i bought or worked with ‘problem horses’. I first came across Finish line horse products when i was sent a box of products to test by a local feed merchant and i have to say i was immediately impressed these products actually did what they claimed they would!! The Quia Cal is incredible and i wont compete my horses without it now! the difference in their behaviour on and off the lorry at events is mega! they seem focused and relaxed and just ready to get on with the job in question! I wouldnt hesitate in recommending any of Finish horse line products! Lisa Smith Eventing five star rating



If you want find out more about Finish Line Horse Products then please visit their website by clicking here

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