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Posted on Oct 19, 2015 in Health - tried and tested, Tried and tested

EquiNutritive –  Equi- Liquid Gold

EquiNutritive – Equi- Liquid Gold



–     –   Liquid turmeric

–      – Perfect balance of oil and curcumin for optimal absorption and effect

–      –  Saves times and reduces mess

–      –  Most convenient and effective turmeric product on the market.

joint supplement

Equi-Liquid Gold combines the well known benefits of Aloe Vera, turmeric, coconut oil and Linseed oil to give every horse the very best that nature has to offer. Coconut oil and linseed oil provide the lipid molecules necessary to aid absorption of the turmeric, so that its widely known benefits can take effect.

The turmeric in this liquid blend makes it ideal for horses requiring extra support for their joints or mobility. For others, it can help to maintain the health and strength of the joints as well as maintain suppleness and mobility throughout the entire body.

Aloe Vera has a wide range of health benefits for horses, making Equi-Liquid gold a great everyday supplement. Aloe Vera has a cleansing effect on the digestive tract, helping to maintain its health and function. It also encourages the growth of strong and healthy hooves,

has been shown to improve recovery following exercise, and enhances the condition of the coat and skin. Being rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Aloe Vera is great for maintaining horses in top health.

Coconut oil is a unique fat, in that it contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are quickly metabolized into energy. The MCTs in coconut oil make it more digestible, more easily absorbed and more useful as a source of energy than other oils that contain primarily long chain triglycerides. Coconut oil provides ‘cool’ energy to horses, gives the skin and coat a beautiful shine, supports the metabolic, digestive and immune systems and increases the absorption of nutrients into the body. Most horses love the taste too!

Linseed oil works in harmony with coconut oil in this blend to ensure that the turmeric is readily absorbed. Linseed oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids, including alpha-linoleic acid. This helps to correct the imbalance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, often found in equine diets. The essential fatty acids in linseed oil assist in maintaining optimal cell function, help to reduce a build up of lactic acid in the muscles and support digestion.

The carefully formulated blend of these wonderful ingredients makes Equi-Liquid Gold an ideal supplement to be given either to a horse in perfect health or one that requires extra support due to injury or illness. Equi-Liquid Gold also provides added convenience to horse owners as it combines the necessary oil for absorption of turmeric, negating the need for multiple supplementary products.

I have tried Equi Liquid Gold on one of my grand prix horses and I’m very impressed with the results not only dose she feel great when I’m riding her but she also looks great and has a beautiful coat, i can’t wait to try it on my other horses.

five star rating

Cameron Hanley International Showjumper


The supplement was very palatable, he was very happy to eat it. I used it on a horse that has a lot of maintenance on his joints and he has stayed very loose, sound, happy and is feeling better than ever!

five star rating

Abi Hutton International Dressage Rider


EquiNutritive Equi-Liquid-GOLD:  We tried this amazing supplement on a 19-year-old semi-retired full TB 3-star horse.  Dingo is still in full work and evented at lower levels until last year.  This year he is going to do some dressage and show jumping to hopefully keep him still feeling young.  Dingo is now a bit arthritic and also has problems with one stifle so seemed an ideal candidate to try on the Equi-Liquid-GOLD.  We added the recommended amount for arthritic horses to Dingo’s feed and it took about 10 days to start to see a real improvement.  I have been amazed at the results, Dingo seems much more free in his movement and doesn’t shuffle out of the stable in the mornings like an old horse like he used to.  We have also seen a great improvement in his coat and a general improvement in his wellbeing.  We will definitely purchase this supplement again for him and I would recommend it to anyone else.

five star rating

Samantha Birch (nee Mcleod) of Birch Equestrian International 4* Event Rider


The supplement came in an easy to measure out amount and no mess bottle . The horse we tried it on was still happy to eat up his feed with the supplement in . The horse showed a positive response in his elasticity.

five star rating
Dee Hankey 4* International Event Rider
 I have started to use Equi liquid gold with all my horses out on the Spanish Sunshinetour and noticed a difference, they started to much looser and their coats started to improve to, this was only after a couple of weeks
five star rating
 Robert Maguire  International showjumper
I have used Equi-liquid gold on Last three Minutes an Ex racehorse and was really impressed with the results we noticed a difference in his work he felt much more free and supple and he seems to be moving through his shoulders much better. His coat has become lovely and shiny and he looks really well in himself. I wouldn’t hesitate yo use this product and would love to try it on another couple of horses .five star rating
 Lisa Smith Eventing
To find out more or to order yours today you can contact them on the Website  and please follow them on Facebook by clicking link below:

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