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Posted on Jun 20, 2016 in Grooming, Grooming - tried & tested, Tried and tested

Diamond Equine Hi Gloss Shampoo

Diamond Equine Hi Gloss Shampoo


Diamond Equine Hi Gloss Shampoo – Super concentrated shampoo for a high gloss show ring finish 

Diamond Equine High Gloss Shampoo is excellent for the skin, and removes grease in the coat creating a high gloss sheen. Very low lather, but extremely effective. Use a small amount – 500ml HI Gloss Shampoo is equivalent to 1500ml of normal shampoo! Suitable for all colours of horse.

RRP £8.99 available to buy now from Diamond Equine

I have been using the Diamond Equine shampoo regularly on all of my horses for almost a month now. I would give the product 5/5 for its ability to clean the coat whilst leaving it glossy and healthy looking. What strikes me the most about this product is, the way that it lathers very easy and therefore you only need to use a small amount to wash the horses. As I have over 9 horses in work, the fact that this product lasts so long makes it very cost effective for me.

Besides going such a long way, the shampoo itself is very effective at removing the sweat and grease from the coat without making it dry. I have some very sensitive horses that have been washed with the product on numerous occasions and yet they haven’t shown any form of  reaction from it yet.

All of my horses whether being freshly clipped or with their summer coat look bright and shiny after being washed in Diamond Equine Shampoo.

I would recommend this product to those with many horses which are washed regularly and to those that want an effective shampoo evan for those horses with sensitive skin.

five star rating


Jay Buxton of Strides Equestrian

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