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Rodeo Rider – Bull Rider – Willie Ortiz Robles

Willie Ortiz Robles, 20 years old. Born and Raised in Prineville.

I always dreamt of riding bulls as a young kid and my dad and his siblings did it back in Mexico.

My Moms brothers all were bullriders there also. and aside from being a bullrider my dads brother came to the states and began raising bucking bulls

When i turned about 14/15 he started letting me on his bulls for practice and ever since its been my passion and a goal of mine to make it somwhere with this. Ive got a few buckles riding bulls. I also did ride saddle bronc horses for a summer, definetly not my thing!

I won a Tygh Valley rodeo Camp, once in the Saddle Bronc Riding once in the Bullriding. I won the Hermiston Oregon Challenge of Champions tour stop as a Jr competitor and i’ve won numerous jackpot rodeos around the area. Such as Madras, Or.Fort Rock and placed at many more.

My aims in bullriding is to make a name for myself by doing just that (riding bulls). I have alot of goals and expectations of myself but i prefer to let my riding do the talking

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