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Rodeo Rider – Barrel Racer – JJ Bracey

I’ve dreamt of chasing cans right from a young age – and a few years ago I decided to just go for it, my first year of running barrels was on an old station stock horse that some cowboys had called ‘crazy’ and whom had never seen a barrel before in his eighteen years of life.

We were far from being fastest, but within a year we manged to win 4D with a nice clean pattern and I will be forever grateful for everything that horse taught me about chasing cans!

I have now purchased some top quality mares, one is a 1D/2D patterned mare that arrived late last year and this will be our first season together. The other is a mare with a huge amount of potential to make it to 1D; this will be her first year running and is bred for speed.

Last year, I wasn’t able to run my barrel horses due to being flat out founding my horse training business. I was however able to make it to a few events when time allowed, and had a blast running my liberty horses just for fun. More specifically, Texas, a 13.2hh mare that gave the much bigger horses a run for their money – even managing to place in the opens. In terms of my horse training business, I specialise in Brumbies and the ‘troubled /  dangerous’ horses, and have developed my own liberty based methods focusing on trust and relationship – aiming to bring the best out of each and every single horse that comes in. It was a huge step to take it on full time, but with that I’ve had some amazing opportunities open and have been flat out since. I was also chosen to be the first Northern Territorian to compete in the Australian Brumby Challenge, and am very proudly sponsored by Territory Tuff & Western World. I have some huge collaborations and events in place for this year that I can’t yet say much about. Although I missed out on most of the season last year, Rodeo is something I am very passionate about and have huge plans for this years season. I’ve also done a bit of rough stock riding – once my barrel mares are running consistently, I’d like to get into the saddle broncs too.

My family and I travel all across the Northern Territory on the rodeo circuit and have plans to take  it interstate and further. My 8 year old brother is a NT Champion Poddy rider, out of the Northern Cowboys Association which covered the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and my 15 year old brother is a Rodeo clown. We live and breath this sport and I’m very excited to be able to take you all on this journey with us.

You can also follow me at ‘JJ Bracey Warhorse Horsemanship’ on Facebook and ‘Warhorsehorsemanship’ on Instagram, if you’d like.

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