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Posted on May 12, 2018 in Eventing, Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

Wayne’s World for month of April


Hello all you readers,
We almost had a taste of summer here in the UK….almost. It lasted 3 days and then returned to the usual gloom and dullness that we have come to accept in 2018.

Events are being cancelled left, right and centre and I have to say I feel a little smug about not having registered myself or any of my Horses this season. Whilst my yard mate struggles to get out xc schooling and the like only to have the event abandon, I’m merrily drinking tea and organising Dressage and sj shows for my Horses. Although I have finally made it onto grass for some xc jumping on dear Thargo. More of that shortly.

Since my last blog and even since my yard tour video we have a newbie. Jack or should I say Volatis Defiant, a beautiful tobiano stallion. He has come for Dressage and fun. He’s a lovely big chap with immense beauty and cracking paces.
He arrived on the Sunday and then within a week and a half we saw ourselves at Burrows court Dressage for the advanced medium Dressage to music. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for but I felt if I threw us in at the deep end as I am a bit of a one for wanting to know what could happen in the ‘worst case scenario’.
There are so many more things we have to consider when competing a stallion, like who to put him next to on the lorry, where to park when you get there and so on. He was an absolute gent throughout.

On the same day the lorry also had Biscuit, Viv and sunny who were also going for a spot of DRAINAGE!
Biscuit couldn’t hold his concentration and tried his hardest to look everywhere other than in the arena, the marks reflected the concentration.
Sunny and his rider Alison, who is my trusty yard sidekick, did another medium and bar one mistake she pulled it out of the bag for a win in her section and a personal best score to date.
Viv did the medium music for an amazing 73% which always makes me happy as I create the floor plan and the music ,Viv also scored a 9 for his medium trot !

Jack did me proud in his music for 70%, again I had chosen the music and slightly winged and prayered it for the floor plan. The best part was that it turned out he lasted competed in 2015 and it was elementary. Good boy jack.

I was so privileged to be asked to ride Solaris Kambarbay at the stallion AI parade at twemlows. It’s always great to be in the thick of the breeding crowd as every one has their own vision of what they would like to breed.


Baby Thargo went for a jaunt around Lincomb equestrians cross county course (insert link to video on your page) for his first ever xc, his first jumping on grass and boy did he do me proud. He just took it all in his stride and behaved like a pro. Water, ditches and everything I pointed him at. He truly is a special young horse.

On the subject of young Horses, Tilly the 4 year old recent breaker went on her first Ridden Show for a spot of Show jumping at Allens hill. I entered the 80-90 and I have to confess it’s never looked so freaking huge!! It would appear we chose the busiest day possible to have gone and from what should have been a quiet first show turned into the busiest warm up possible. The course had Bright fillers and doubles, related distances, the lot. Proud parent moment though as she just cruised (in 4 year old standards) around this course, her first ever course to date. A little wobble at the big scary blue one near the end but once corrected she popped it.

And now, today I have been up since ridiculous o’clock and plaited A clients horse ready for the burghley young event horse class at badminton horse trials. where I shall be a little later to help where I can


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