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Posted on Aug 2, 2018 in Eventing, Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

Wayne’s blog of eventuality

Wayne’s blog of eventuality

Hello and please accept my apologies for the lateness of this blog!


Where do I start? life has been exceedingly busy since my last blog and I just haven’t found the time to sit down and write my thoughts and events down.

So lets start at the beginning of my season with the run i had at Brand Hall with Hera and Sunny for a spin round their novice track. Hera thought the dressage was a practice run before her audition for Step Up the musical, so felt the need to drop it low and show us her freestyle and break-dancing moves, sunny on the other hand was convinced he was Valegro and was prancing around looking more like donkey from Shrek when he was a stallion. they both show jumped like possessed demons!!!!! first time on grass this season and it was so obvious to see that they were very excited! cross country they both showed that they were ready for anything and jumped good clears. finishing just outside the top 10.


My next run was with New boy Uno (Charltons first dance) around the 90, he posted a bloody fantastic dressage score of 21.5, then proceeded to jump a double clear. with him being a giant Irish draft I assumed we had gone too slow, the commentator announced 14 time faults, I feared we would never get enough poke in that engine….OOOOPS SPEEDING POINTS for GARRICK!! cost us the win *Face palm*


Next was Nunney Intermediate Novice for Hera and Sunny, Hera yet again was throwing shapes worthy of So Solid Crew and was a little special in the Show jumping so i felt it best to withdraw and save her for another day, sunny was ace with a decent dressage score and a double clear inside the time for 3rd!! first placing for the season.


Farley Hall next for their first Intermediate and Hera did a much improved test, then jumped a cracking round for a pole down, then we were flying xc until muggins here fell off  at fence 13! unlucky for some, definitely unlucky for me 🙁

I was super gutted as we were doing so well!!!

Sunny wowed the judges with a 26.1 dressage, rolled one pole in the very influential SJ and clear xc, sadly being a little on the slow side cost us a placing but i was beyond thrilled with the scope he showed.


Chepstow next for Hera in the IN and Uno in the 90, Hera was a beast and jumped a cracking double clear with some time faults to finish 7th and Uno showed me that its time to step up the height finishing 6th!!! boom everyone placed so far this season ****Praise be to jesus****


Stafford for Uno, Biscuit and Thargo.

Uno was doing his first 100 and yet again posted a dressage score in the 20’s, rolled 2 in the SJ (he has massive feet and i blame them) and clear XC to finish 10th.


Biscuit was making his season debut in the 100, he will step up to novice next run. he too posted a good dressage of 26, rolled one on the sj and clear xc inside the time for 2nd!!!

Baby thargo did his first ever BE event and was in the 90, he was golden throughout the whole experience and i took him steady, 34.5 dressage, an unlucky roll SJ and clear XC with some grandpa slow points but i was absolutely thrilled with him!


Our last run was for Hera and Sunny around Aston le walls intermediate. Both were quite tense in their dressage posting less than desired scores, Hera jumped like a beast SJ with just a rub on one rail and then stormed the XC for a clear with some time.


Sunny was quite angry in the SJ and rolled 3!!! (he has small feet, so I cant blame them)

but a solid clear XC sealed the fact that i now have 2 very confirmed intermediate horses. I am so proud of our journey and I love the fact that I have been there through out it from start to now.


The yard is ever growing in number, we now have 18 geese of SAS standard guard and attack, after losing our chickens to the fox we have added 9 ducks to the maddening crowd and also some of our incubator hatched guinea fowl and chickens.


The llama Elvis has twice escaped the yard and run a muck around the village, causing me to get incredibly wet whilst running like Theresa May through fields of wheat!!!


Viv and I are finally getting our head around these Changes in our dressage work and at times he allows me to feel like I can ride… times!!!


Volatis Defiant is getting stronger each day with his hacking and gymnastic work, making for an exciting outing or two on the horizon with the drainage boys.


until I next have a moment, aurevoir xx

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