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Posted on Jun 4, 2020 in Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

Wayne Garrick talks about how he has found Lockdown!

Wayne Garrick talks about how he has found Lockdown!

Hello all,i hope you’re all coping during lock down and have managed to keep riding.

I have to make a small confession….. I’ve really enjoyed it, the relaxing feeling of no competing, no clients popping up and wanting the world from you. I’ve been 24/7 helpful since I was 16, I don’t do holidays or time off in general, so this enforced break has been very refreshing. Some of our horses had a break. Some on tick over and others on more rigerous training on the flat. But I have spent my time doing odd jobs, painting things, putting up new yard gates and purchasing a new llama for elvis to annoy. So everyone meet Mimi.

She was a lot younger than I had thought so they are currently staying separate with contact but no sexual liaisons. Elvis is not impressed at the internevtion. I have also llama proofed the front fence so elvis can’t escape out on the the road through the main yard, he still manages to escape through next doors garden and sometimes stays in there long enough to really annoy their dogs before taking off on another cross country adventure.
I have also had 2.4 acres reseeded which is sloaly but surely growing, even with the lack of rain.

I’ve sold a couple of the goats and the white sheep, I’m not sure why I decided to be racist towards the white ones other than if my brown tup breeds with them I get white babies instead of brown ones and they aren’t as cute. So off they go. After a successful goose breeding season I have to reduce the security squad.

From 14 adult birds I’m going to drop to possibly 5 which will be my most fiercest geese thta will be fully trained by the SAS and marines.
Once the lockdown had been relaxed a little we had my new sponsors Stübben over to fit saddles to my team. Nicola Kidd is a fabulous saddle Fitter and also with her past riding of young horses at woodlander stud means that she is really aware of how even the smallest alteration to a saddle can make a colossal difference.

I’m so excited to be working alongside them
Viv has chosen the Aramis II dressage saddle with the rise gold detail.
Figgy has chosen the zaria optimum monoflap jump saddle
Hera the phoenix elite jump saddle.

Each saddle brings something different for each horses style of jumping whilst supporting me as a rider.

Figgy also has his first child, Fabtastic was born just over a week ago. Out of my TB sprinter mare, Foxy.
She has come out a little lot windswept and is on a veterinary care programme ensuring we can get her straightened up and stronger. All that aside, she is super, super cute


Ru has turned two and is maturing into a rather beautiful lady too.
Looking forward to getting back out there into the real world whilst maintaining a safe distance.

Stay safe all and kick on

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