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Posted on Jan 15, 2019 in Eventing, Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

Wayne Garrick reflects on 2018 joined with a lovely start to 2019!

Wayne Garrick reflects on 2018 joined with a lovely start to 2019!


As per always, time has enveloped my life I’m such a way that I’m Suddenly months away from my last blog.

Apologies and festive greetings and all that blurb.

As I start 2019 I do as we all do and reflect on what has been and what I hope is yet to be. Last season saw some awesome results for the team of horses. All were placed at their respective levels and even the young stallion thargo clocked up a double clear.

Hera and sunny both stepped up to intermediate and didn’t disappoint me, I on the other hand disappointed hera with my splat at Farley hall.

Super star and main man Viv, has managed to qualify for the regionals at advanced medium and advanced medium freestyle which is great and I am excited about regionals and the possibility of another nationals.

Jack has been spending his time mainly training and strengthening for his dressage, so fingers crossed this year will see him come out all guns blazing.

This season sees the event team being Hera (uptown girl vi), Sunny (simply sunny), Biscuit (harthill emerald) and Uno (charltons first dance) Backfire whos name doesn’t get any posher because he is tremendous. Dressage boy Viv (DCI Dollar) and Jack (Volatis Defiant).

I may yet get to finish 2019 in a tail coat riding advanced in both Eventing and dressage, so watch this space (I don’t actually know what that means, but it sounded catchy and like something awesome people would say when they are being cool, I am neither so I feel I have just done the equivalent of dad dancing at a wedding, or worse….THAT uncle)

Many things happened last year, good, bad and indifferent. The year did teach me a few things about myself and about what I am willing to accept from others and how I want to be received by others. Now that’s all a bit deep you may say, and you’re most likely right. But that’s the time of the year talking lol

I learned that I am not someone’s slave, livery pays for a service, not to have me at your beckon call. Livery is for my skill with horses, not my skills as a counsellor. Livery is for your horses needs and requirements, they have the best of everything and I get about 20p an hour as my wage.

I am incredibly lucky with my team of owners, they get that I am firing on all cylinders most of the time and that I’m often forgetful about the keeping in contact. And they are in no way the demanding ones. I really don’t see how anyone survives mentally running a livery yard? I’m lucky that I have competition horses/breakers and schoolers, how does anyone have the will to get up of a morning to a yard full of DIY and part liveries? There is most often heard the screech of Trudi moaning about how ‘Barbara has used her hoof pick’ and so on and their second favourite cry is ‘can you just’ and ‘would you mind’. Often resulting in you giving up your time to aid them for no extra financial reward or even a thanks.

wayne blog 1 2019

Backfire and Rupert – the pube!

But that’s enough of me moaning on about trivial things, the new year has also made me sort out my ever increasing heard of reprobates, I now have my original Rupert or The Pube, who is a 10hds pony stallion who I bought as a companion for the liveries that don’t like to be alone and for travelling, not realising that later on I would be using him as canon fodder for the stallions to play with. (Pictured with backfire on the 2nd Jan) Viv who is my word, Bella who is Vivs paternal sister, nostalgia (Ru) who is bellas foal from Last year and figgy who is the big grey stallion (pictured) that I have a share in.Bella and Ru were at stud until December when I decided they should come home and have some bonding time with me. Also I was missing out on so much of Ru’s growth.

wayne blog19


We saw in the new year with a grand hack with some friends of mine, we made full use of the amazing Bridleways we have around here, we were out for about 3 hours and only did about 30 minutes of road work. At the start of the hack, I had said to my 4 companions that if anyone fell off, they would stop where they dropped as I wasn’t going back for our fallen. Everyone laughed apart from poor liz, riding her own Biscuit, who can be rather fresh. The closer we got to the first bridleway, the paler Liz became. She actually looked like she might turn around and head for home. As we touched grass, Biscuit launched into the air with Liz clinging on for grim death. Convincing someone to let go a little and kick in that situation isn’t always easy but she did and that was the end of any biscuit related drama. We passed around 3 counties on our hack, starting and finishing in Worcestershire we dabbled into a bit of Shropshire and galloped through Herefordshire. Passing through streams and over amazing old turf and our final canter I opened up my mount Hera and we flew up the last stretch. At the top it was hard not to notice the beaming smiles on everyone’s faces. I have to say I think that was the best start to any year so far in my 38 years on this planet.

Nothing more exciting to impart upon you other than my two new mottos.

It’s not my circus and those are not my monkeys
And finally
When you are faced with idiocy…. it’s like the blind leading the deaf
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