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Posted on Feb 22, 2019 in Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

Wayne Garrick explains why it’s not all sunshine when working professionally with horses

Wayne Garrick explains why it’s not all sunshine when working professionally with horses


Hello blog followers, usually I have an upbeat blog for you to read and enjoy. This is sadly not one of those blogs.

Last week we lost Uno (Charltons first dance) to colic. It came on very quickly and we did all we could but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The vet was in attendance when it happened and he assured me that we all did what we could.

Of course that hasn’t even remotely stopped me going over and over the situation multiple times, trying to fathom if there was any way at all that we could have done things differently or whether there was anything in the management of our horses that could have prevented it? All answers come back to the one horrible reality that I have lost a friend, a work colleague and a bloody genuine and fabulous horse.

He was everything you could wish for in a competition horse, he was athletic, trainable and easy to work with. He trusted me to take him out eventing, away from his dressage career and he loved it. He took to the cross country like a duck to water. He has taken a piece of me with him and right now I feel hollow and unable to best convey my emotions and heartache.



It’s easy to assume that we professionals just see our rides as numbers, let me assure you, this is not the case. Every time we ride them we have to give a piece of ourselves in order to get anything in return. To get on a horse and expect it to do your bidding without an emphatic input from you is unrealistic and Unachievable.

I have learned that over the years I give more and more of myself and moments like this take a huge chunk out of my core. I’m grateful to my crazy photo purchasing, because those photos are now all that I have left of him in physical form which will help me keep his memory alive.

Thank you for allowing me the joy of being your rider Uno x

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