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Posted on Jul 14, 2021 in Riders blog, Timothy Showe, Top tips

Training Horses – Timothy Show give us some Tips

Training Horses – Timothy Show give us some Tips

What the best piece of advice someone ever gave you ?

Never forget the reason you wanted to do what you do when you began doing it.

We see you training horses in the dark of the night , why is this?

Well isn’t much reason behind it besides the number of horses I have in to train and the heat of summer hitting so early. However I’ve began to notice that the bond between my colts and I are stronger when I start them at night.

What’s your views on the time taken to break/back a horse ?

First of all I’m not a horse breaker I’m a horse trainer. Most may disagree but they are different. As a trainer, (it’s taken a long time to call myself that and actually believe it!) your often asked well how long will it take? To answer a question like that you better be able to see the future. One thing about horses that every one forgets or cares to realise is just because that aren’t shaped like us, talk like us or even interact like us, they still change on the daily like us. Don’t ask me how long it will take your horse to be ready, how long I will ride/work with your horse each day or if they will be at a certain level by the time they come home! Cause if you do, I’ll ask what time will you are going to make your significant other mad tomorrow.

What are your tips for a horse that won’t load or is a bad traveller ?

Tip for the horse that won’t load is to build a pen for the horse using the trailer as part of the pen. Feed and water your horse inside the trailer, yes your horse will eventually get hungry and thirsty but he will end up in the trailer and realize that it’s not such a horrible place to be (unless your driving record is less than perfect). As far as a bad traveler I’ve gotten to the point that it’s a lot easier on me and my horses to just use the paste that calms them while being hauled

What are the first things you concentrate on when you start to train a horse?

I like to focus on gaining their trust and getting them used to the saddle and bridle as well as soft in the bridle. I do what I can to get them to the point of being soft before I get on them so that when I do step on for the first time I’ve got control of their feet.

How would you start working with an extremely nervous horse or wild horse?

Slowly and softly. A little saying I tell people is that “The mind of a horse is a complex, powerful machine. Yet it’s simple, soft and innocent. While we are molding their minds move slow and steady, don’t rush and ruin.”

When do you consider a horse trained and ready to go ?

When they are at the point you want them. Each horse is different and each owner has a different meaning of trained and ready to go.

What do you mean in USA when you say the horse is dead broke ?

A dead broke horse or husband horse is just that. So quiet and gentle that your nonrider husband can ride him.

What’s your favourite type of horse to work with and the most trainable?

I’d have to say the draft cross breeds are my favorite horses to train and work with. They are so willing and the demeanor that they have is more than a person could ask for.

Whats the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part of my job is seeing new life enter the world every spring with the babies being born. The worse is when we loose one of our mares and/or stallions. do you find a huge difference between mares and geldings when working with them and do you change the way you train them because of this? I do find a slight difference, I find that mares are a tick tougher than a gelding but with that a mare will last longer than a gelding in the long game because of it.

How do you start to train a horse to accept a rider roping off them?

Just by doing it. If you go about things like it’s something new and scary that’s the exact reaction you’ll get from your horse but if you just do it like your horse has some it his entire life he’ll accept it a lot easier than you’d think.

What are your Five core beliefs when training horses?

1. Timing – rather you’re late or early timing is key it’s a major component to a solid foundation.

2. Understanding- Too me this is extremely important for understanding the background or lack of. This will help you determine how to approach each horse correctly.

3. Feel- just as important as understanding having the feel of when to release or to hold is crucial. Feel is what stands between a soft mouth or a hard mouth dink.

4. Relationship- Just like any other relationship it’s important to have Trust, respect, patience, and forgiveness. Just because it’s a relationship with a horse doesn’t mean it should be treated any differently than any other relationship.

5. Consistency over routine – This is the most important belief I have. Being consistent with your horse will get them handy, correct, collected, and broke. Now it’s routine your horse will get complacent, they will get ill mannered, and they will get bored. Stay consistent with your horse just don’t get it in the same routine every day. Change your bridal, change the direction you take them to arena.

Until Next time Ride Correct and God Bless.

TC Show

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