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Posted on Mar 26, 2021 in Riders blog

“Tiny” Tim tells us more!

“Tiny” Tim tells us more!

Well hello everyone…. I wanted to start off my blog by telling how I got started in rodeo.

My grandfather was a clown in the shrine circus. As a young child he would paint my face and take me under the big top with him. In 4H as a youngster one of my projects was clowning.

The older I got I fell in love with rodeo. When I graduated high school I tried my hand at bareback bronc riding. Then by accident I volunteered to be a clown at a neighboring county’s fair and was tossed into the rodeo protecting kids in the bullriding. I took a shine to it and began “fighting” bulls protecting riders as they fell off or dismounted.

After a brief 8 year stint as a fighter I took time to grow my family. When I decided to re-enter the rodeo world I was asked to entertain a crowd for a local bullriding and some people there thought I had talent, so I was cast into other rodeos that summer. I get to mix my grandfathers ability to make people laugh with my love for rodeo. To me there is no better feeling than seeing the kids smiling and laughing at my antics and parents laughing at jokes. It truly is amazing to brighten people’s day just getting to be goofy. I hope this article finds everyone well and healthy! “Tiny” Tim

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