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Posted on Mar 12, 2021 in Riders blog, Timothy Showe

Timothy Showe – The Horse Market in USA

Timothy Showe – The Horse Market in USA

Hello everyone, kind of want to do talk about the horse market a little bit as everyone knows I raise train and sell draft cross horses as well as train young horses to go on into the cutting.

We can do discuss that more in the future though like I said I’d like to discuss the horse market.

The horse market is higher than I’ve ever seen in my entire life, it’s truly out of control. I’ve constantly been asked what is the reasoning behind this well to be honest not 100% sure. So many variables to take into consideration when answering that question. Such as the state of the economy, the cost of fuel, and the Horses that set the bar for the market.

Although most of us aren’t fans of what I called the Luke Horses also known as the “unwanted”. These horses are bought by a specific buyer that ships them to a plant be there in Canada and/or Mexico for slaughter. Yes it’s these horses that actually set the market for The rest of the industry. With these buyers they now have a last chance option to where they mark up he said horse that’s headed to slaughter so you can rescue it at a set price.

This little idea has made these horses worth three Times as much as they want for which is made the rest of them even more expensive. Though like I said This is only one of the variables. Being a Horses broker myself I’ve been studying the market thoroughly and very in-depth. Most the time you can see the fluctuation in the market but as of right now I can’t see it getting weak any time soon. But it’s the draft crosses that really I have exploded in this market.

I’m just extremely thankful that we decided to start raising these horses over 16 years ago they are definitely a breed of their own. Until next time,

Ride correct and God bless!

TC Show

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