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Posted on Mar 24, 2021 in Riders blog, Sue Chapplehow-Lacey

Team Super G  – Find out what they have been up to!

Team Super G – Find out what they have been up to!

I hope you’re all keeping well in these difficult times. The new year started in lockdown, preventing me from doing the usual training.  In normal times my horses would have had 6 weeks preparation and I’d be starting to pick up on fitness. An added twist to life was home schooling two children and a third who will start nursery after Easter.Continuing training has been restricted by adhering to travel rules.

I don’t have an arena here or any special facilities, but I do have the backyard!    It is covered in Astroturf which was actually put down for our wedding in 2016. This provides me with an area that I can lunge the horses in walk and trot on about a 10 meter circle. So this is what I did to keep the horses ticking over through the first couple of months of the year. On a weekend I was managing to hack out the girls, that is Drumany & Millie.  In fact I think the kids ponies were fitter than mine as we used hacking as their PE lesson and my only time to breath.

Homeschooling has been interesting to say the least. How much should you be doing, how little should you be doing, how much should you be pushing them, how much should you be taking the soft approach, I have no idea.  All I know is my children have survived and don’t  seem to be worse off for it. 

This time was made more stressful as I  struggled through with my dyslexia,. Yes, I go down the centre line in a dressage test and have to put my hands up so that I can see which is my L for left. I can’t for love nor money ride a dressage test off letters, I do pretty patterns. So you can quite imagine the entertainment we had with me trying to teach the children, thankfully I can manage P1 and P2 work – just!Mid February came and my eldest two went back to school.

At this point frustration had hit. My horses were stuck not getting fitter, not getting educated, I felt I was hitting my head off a brick wall, feeling very deflated. So with this feeling I decided I would start using the local arena which is a couple of miles up the road. I have always wished and even begged my husband for my own arena but when I sat down and worked it out I can’t justify the cost (and I’m not really sure where I would find the pennies). So I’ve worked out I can go to my local arena with two horses five times a week for the next 10 years (included travel costs) for what it would cost me to put a arena in at home!

Currently I have my horses lunging on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & weekends hacking, Wednesday jump and on a Friday flat work. Tuesday and Thursday hacks are nice and gentle as I have my three-year-old daughter hacking with me. Although if she had her way she would come to every thing..
The children have a come on in leaps and bounds since going to the arena, they go twice a week. My eldest daughter has found the canter button which she loves, she mainly rides Crackenthorpe Seduction (Sedi), who is just amazing to go from a winning event pony last season to looking after tiny tot jockeys.
My youngest daughter rides Crackenthorpe Jamboree (Tom) he stands at 158CM. He is the most gentle delightful of horses but I have to say he still lights up when you take him away from home, he is a true showman. With this being the case he does have to be kept on the lunge when at the arena. He tends to put too much power into the trot which almost ejects his tiny jockey.So with all of this I feel really positive as we are moving forwards, horses are all coming on nicely but now we just need some parties to go to.
Last season I wasn’t really bothered about not competing.  I think to be fair it’s maybe nice having the break.

Now on the other hand I’m itching  to get back out there. It’s a new start, new horses, new season, I’m really quite excited and I’m pretty sure there are going to be plenty of ‘Oopsy’ moments but that’s the joys of young horses gaining education. The horses are on track, the children are back on track, now to get my business back on track. Owning a holiday let can have plenty of ups and downs at the best of times, then let’s throw in Covid. WOW! So obviously the business has been closed but this has given me plenty of time to decorate, have new windows put into the kitchen. 

Oh wow I totally forgotten what a nightmare we had over New Year. I have my house listed with a well known site I have cancelled the original booking as they were tier 4. Anyways long story short automatic booking came in but then so did the new guidelines for the lockdown. Last time the lockdown came in the company cancelled all bookings so I presumed this was the case again. The day before New Year’s Eve my security camera starts beeping. People are arriving! Panic what do I do? Okay I’m watching the cameras booked for six people 11 turn up. I have no idea where these people are from on the booking form it just says England. Their legs are hanging out of the bedroom windows. By this point I am having a nervous breakdown. My parents as they only live a few miles from the property (I’m over a hour away) said they would go to the property and asked them to leave. I stopped them from doing this as I do not want to put my parents at risk considering dad had already had Covid and they’re both in the vulnerable category. So let’s give the people the benefit of the doubt sit quiet I’m sure all will be fine.Finally the guests left – oh my word! There were doors kicked through please, bear in mind these were original doors at least 100 years old. Lots of little silver canisters which I’ve educated myself these are nitric oxide which you can readily get on the Internet and is a legal high. Crazy they just need to go eventing if they want to get a buzz! Beds & chairs broken. Even the fireplace lintel had been moved.
It was really a mess no effort to tidy up at all food everywhere alcohol that even left half bottles of gin and decent gin at that. All I can say is thankfully I didn’t have guests in after them. I’m pleased to say all is restored and looking fabulous. Which I could not have done all of this work without great friends and family all pulling together.
I do wonder where has respect gone for other peoples property? I’ll be mortified if any of my children ever did something like this to somebody else’s property.
I have to say also the company that this was through have been fantastic and have paid for all damages. Oh yes nearly forgot and they took the laundry basket I hate to think what they had in it.
So lesson learnt from this follow your gut instinct.

Hopefully by the next blog there will be lots of new adventures to tell you about. If anyone ever has any questions they would like me to answer please feel free to contact me on the Chappelhow-Lacey fb page or through Stable Equestrian.

Take care
Susie & Team Super G 

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