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Posted on Mar 3, 2021 in Riders blog, Sue Chapplehow-Lacey

Sue Chapplehow-Lacey introduces her yard and horses and tells us her 5 must haves on the yard

Sue Chapplehow-Lacey introduces her yard and horses and tells us her 5 must haves on the yard

Hi all hope your all keeping well & staying safe. 
Wow what strange times we are living in. I feel we are very fortunate to have our horses, They’re definitely my piece of sanity. 

As for many of myself 2020 had plenty of ups and downs. Downside was my father needed a triple heart bypass but contracted Covid while in hospital thankfully survived. A major down hit us in October when I had to make the horrendous decision to have Peeping Aragon put down. His first season was 2019 where he ended on a high winning NPS Scotland M and M open working hunter final 133CM. His illness was due to worm damage, unfortunately he wasn’t wormed correctly as a youngster.

Onwards and up the first of December saw a new arrival to the yard Millie’s Cove class 1 Connemara mare 4 years old. What an experience that was, first horse I have ever purchased unseen. She’s a lovely sweet mare by the fabulous stallion Caherlistrane Bay.  She green but honest. 

To introduce the rest of the yard we have Drumany Bay 16hh mare. We are not very sure of her history, her previous owner purchased her from a dealer. I bought her in September ’20 after spending some time working with her. We click and have made such progress. Unfortunately she had learnt to bolt, thankfully she now trusts me but we still can have tense moments. 

December was a busy education month, we did Drum’s first dressage test, yes it was tense & a little forwards going in parts but we managed 64+% under a BD judge.   Her 3rd sj comp gaining a double clear & 2nd in the 90cm. The following weekend we made it to the Cumbria horse trials arena event where we win the 80cm section. Then another lockdown hit!! 

On to Crackenthorpe jamboree (Tom) homebred he’s 25 years old. Fabulous career Advanced eventer, advance medium BD, 3rd at hoys as a worker, numerous wins as a riding horse. He now training my 3 year old daughter to ride. Tom is a legend 💝

Crackenthorpe Seduction (Sedi) another homebred she’s a little pocket rocket winning BE events in 2020 (with my sister Clare riding). My eldest (6 yrs) daughter is now riding her. 

Last but not least is Florence of Crackenthorpe (flo). Flo will be rising three in May. She a homebred out of Crackenthorpe Radiance a novice eventer by a coloured cob. I am really fortunate to have a lovely bunch of horses. I think Tom loves having his Hareem of the girls. For me I would always choose a mare firstly you can get such a special bond with them. 

The team of horses run under the name of Team Super G this was originally due to having Glenmore of Roisbhenn a.k.a. Gromit. Whom I produced winning numerous workers and BE events he also qualified for horse of the year show and badminton grassroots Championships. He was sold prior to the championships. I felt the name was still fitting, now it stands for Team Super Girls!

Five must haves

Stable equestrian has asked me what are my five must haves. I have to confess I like to keep things simple so I don’t have a lot of stuff but what I do have must work and be good quality…

• Nettex mud away spray – Great for keeping mud off horses legs as well as making tales easy to brush. 

• Baler twine / string

• Good turnout rugs (my horses live out 24/7 all year round).

• Ansur energist saddle – be a dressage saddle but I jump in this also including cross country, fit majority of horses.

ʉۢ Sealskinz gloves & heat holder socks (I live on the Scottish coast).

I’m going to leave you now as I have my youngest asking if she can ride honestly if she had her choice she would ride 24 hours a day seven days a week!

 Take care stay safe. 

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