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Posted on Apr 26, 2021 in Riders blog, Sue Chapplehow-Lacey

Opinionated and judgemental comments – Sue Chapplehow- Lacey talks about Social Media in her blog…

Opinionated and judgemental comments – Sue Chapplehow- Lacey talks about Social Media in her blog…

Over the last few weeks I have been really disappointed to see overly opinionated and judgemental comments on social media. I wonder if the writers know how hurtful they are being. 

 My team isn’t just about the horses getting out there and competing, it is a little family.   We all have different challenges to contend with behind-the-scenes and getting to a show is pure relief.  We can close the door on these and have a few hours away from all the turmoil and stress. Within our group we have a stage four cancer sufferer, one that has a bedridden mother who is dying and they have to be there 99% carer, one who has has suicidal thoughts and self harm, another who struggles with self-confidence and low self esteem.  We choose to continue living our lives keeping our troubles hidden. I’m sure we are not alone.  I’m sharing today to ask that  people to be more considerate and thoughtful before writing comments.  It’s hurtful!  You really have no idea what is hiding behind another person’s smile. Social media can be very useful in many ways but also bare in mind 99% people only post the good moments. It’s a snapshot shot of what they want you to see. Is it the reality or is a cover up to what may be going on in their lives? Truthfully we don’t know.

On a much lighter note I am so proud of Millie and Drumany. Both have had a few first experiences in the last couple of weeks.
Millie did her first BSPS working hunter gaining a third in the 143 open, unfortunately had a pole in the novice. Then she went on to do her first flat show, qualified for the NPS National Championships in the five-year-old class, the novice Picton and the sparket at sparkle championship show. She also did an arena event, coming in third place and qualified for the northern equine events Championships held at Dalston Green in May.

Millie and Sue Chapplehow – Lacey

As for Drumany … We did our first horse trials.  This may not sound like a lot but going from a horse, a year ago, that constantly bolted, to being able to stay within the boards of the dressage test, I was very proud. It wasn’t a pretty test, it was very tense but equally not a disaster.  I went with the goal of just staying within the boards and starting and finishing.  We did it and completed.  I must add this was actually the first time I had ridden in an open space with just a snaffle bit. Showjumping was a little disappointed, she was exceedingly keen and didn’t really see the point in picking her feet up, so we did have two down. The cross country; oh my!  She was a machine, absolutely fabulous! I have entered a couple more events on her. Although she needs the mileage, I have actually put her up a level as I felt the small fences were hindering her and encouraging her to rush. I have to accept if we do have a few blips cross country, when something is a little bit more technical, it’s all down to mileage and that’s what this season is about for both of my horses.

Drumany and Sue out having fun

I’m finding things a little strange at home as my two eldest children are back at school and my youngest has just started nursery. I’m really missing my little sidekick.  The first two days she went in crying her heart out, which for anybody who knows her knows this is so not her, she is the smiliest child you have ever come across. This is where my truly bad parenting comes in the third day. I had to threaten her that her pony would go back to auntie Clare,  Well it worked, she put a big smile on her face walked in there like she’s done it all of her life and has never looked back. I felt so mean.

With having a bit more time to myself I’m finding it much easier to get on top of the businesses, finally get the house tidy too. I don’t know about anybody else but this definitely makes me feel better and much more confident with life.

Kind regards
Susan Chappelhow – Lacey

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