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Posted on Feb 6, 2019 in Dressage, Eventing, Jo Titterton, Riders blog

Jo Titterton reveals how 2019 has started for MCF Equestrian and Team Titterton

Jo Titterton reveals how 2019 has started for MCF Equestrian and Team Titterton

We’ve certainly hit the ground running in 2019, pretty much the same as I seem to say every other year!
Feeling incredibly lucky to have a yard full of gorgeous horses and ponies who are all totally different but equally loved.
I had a quiet couple of weeks over Christmas, focussing on all important family time. I find it hard juggling everything and sometimes it’s nice to go a bit slower for a few days. The hardest thing for me is saying no to people but often find myself working from 7am-9pm 7 days a week so the only goal I’ve set this year is to make a bit more time for me – more family time, more competition time

The horses have individual long term and short term goals so I will start with the main man:
Billy: he’s qualified for the advanced medium regional finals which are in February at Myerscough college. Our aim here is to do our best and enjoy it! At 17yrs old I know I don’t have loads more dancing years left with him (even though he feels better than ever!) so i intend to enjoy each and every single one. We’ve already started to compete at Advanced and hope to do PSG very soon
Donny: The gorgeous mini ginger will be for sale in the Spring/Summer I’ve already kept him for longer than intended as he’s been so trainable I’ve just kept going! He’s training at elementary/medium level which I’m hoping to improve his training at this level ready for him to take a young rider to fabulous things. I have incredibly high hopes for this little man
Tigger: He’s still at the very start of his education, I don’t believe in over producing them or being in a hurry- I find they tell you what they are ready for and I’m in no rush- I’m hoping to still be competing him at 17 so certainly won’t be pushing him as a 3.5yr old. He’s got a fabulous attitude and lovely nature. He gets a bit more exciting each time I work with him.
Of course a lot of my summer will be spent being the wonderful wife/groom running round after the husband, usually carrying 3 kids whilst trying to prepare up to 5 horses to compete, looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, covered in horse poo and sweating profusely oh it’s a glamorous life I lead!!! We have two horses (one being my ginger beast) heading to Badminton MMCUP at the end of April which we are really looking forward to and preparations are in full swing.
Apart from the horses and kids I continue to train hard as I strongly believe in rider fitness. I teach Equipilates™️ and HIIT Pilates shying absolutely love. I’ve got lots of rider Alignment clinics booked throughout the year at various venues which I absolutely love doing. Seeing the horses improvement through improving the rider is just awesome
As if that wasn’t enough, I appear to be having some sort of mid life crisis and have signed up to do a 10k warrior tough mud run for charity so I’m hoping to raise lots of money for cancer research and dementia, two terrible diseases that unfortunately are very close to my heart

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Hoping 2019 is a great one, as ever with horses there’s ups and downs but we take the rough with the smooth and keep on going no matter what life throws at us. Have fun! Much love Jo x

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