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Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in Carrie Turner, Dressage, Riders blog

February with Carrie Turner

February with Carrie Turner


Well that didn’t take long, another month down.

The weather has not been kind to any of us & I like many have struggled not only with finding the time to ride but also the depressing weather.

Things at Divine HQ have been pretty much the same, hectic I still haven’t managed that day off I promised myself 2 months ago, but hey I’m not moaning it’s wonderful to be so busy with such a young business!!

We launched a new Try before you buy on the wonderful Stubben Girth & it has been a huge hit. Not only with our lovely customers but with ourselves also. I managed to get one & tried my gorgeous PRE, in it & I have to say the difference was dramatic.

I hadn’t actually expected a difference as we swapped his saddle some months back to a Strada Saddle & he’s been going really well ever since. However with the Stubben Equisoft the difference was incredible. He was much more expressive, showed much more freedom through his shoulder & was much softer over his back.

Having felt all this I got my Mum to watch & she confirmed everything I was feeling that he was indeed moving much bigger & more freely than before.

So needless to say I kept mine & we have now seen the difference in all 3 horses.

I also got to try a Stubben Freedom Bridle but I’ve not finished trialling it yet so I can’t give any of my thoughts on it.

However if any of you wish to trial the Stubben Equi-Soft just call us on 01785 859535 Tuesday – Sunday & we can then advise you on size & what we have available.

They have been so popular that all our girths going out are Brand new.

We also had another new brand join the Divine fold in the form of MaKeBe an Italian brand, we just couldn’t believe the quality of this brand & will be stoking there gorgeous range of Wave Stirrups, Wave Spurs & Equine Boots &  clothing.

The Big news was our new addition to Team Divine, Baby Barney!!



Now here’s for the confusing bit as he is a Bordoodle lol, a Boarder Collie x Miniature Poodle, we had him aged 12 weeks & he is an absolute joy. He is affectionately known as Shop dog & can be found most days in the shop with me.

So that’s that really, nothing too exciting to add. Next month I will be back training with my Trainer Andreas Hausberger one of the Chief riders of the Spanish riding school of Vienna. So hopefully we have so good training sessions.


Bye for now, Carrie

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