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Posted on May 9, 2021 in Riders blog, Tim Holmes

Clowning around with Tim Holmes….

Clowning around with Tim Holmes….

Ok it’s that time again… Hope this note finds everyone of my readers doing well healthy and ready for an amazing summer.

Here lately I’ve been just working and helping my wife take pictures on weekends for couples and families. Also working on new acts and gags when I get time.

It has been a very busy spring so far but counting the days till I travel to the first rodeo of the year.

If I was to give advice for anyone going to take up rodeo clowning I would say get to know an established clown, help him and go watch rodeos to figure out timing of the flow of rodeo and pay attention to how announcer talk to crowds.

Hope you stay safe have a great rest of your spring and here’s to a great summer and upcoming rodeo season!

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