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Posted on Feb 16, 2016 in Dressage, Riders blog

Carrie Turner Dressage Rider and Owner of Divine Equestrian tells us about her January 2016!

Carrie Turner Dressage Rider and Owner of Divine Equestrian tells us about her January 2016!



January is normally a time to start planning & getting to grips with Goals for the New Year. Mine certainly was all of that & more!

I had the big task of finishing Divine Equestrian’s Boutique shop & getting it open before Feb.

I also had a big problem of a broken rib, which had happened a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately my stubbornness meant I did not go to A&E, I only went a week later when I was in crippling pain.

I had carried on & my poor rib was moving. It ended up damaging a muscle & causing me much more pain & problems. Luckily the Mother ship (Mum) picked up the slack & did the mucking out. Moral of the story is just go to A&E in the long term your recovery will be shorter!

However despite all of the above my brain was still was filled with Shop fitting equipment, Gondolas, slat walling & of course working out what went where. Well all that & Tramadol, I was certainly floating some days.

I unfortunately am far from a shop layout designer & I spent many nights worrying as to the many decisions I had to make. That plus I was awake as I the RIB caused so much pain!

Finally it was finished & this now meant we could finally start showing our hard work to the public.

divine equestrian


The Divine Equestrian Boutique finally opened its doors on the 23rd January 2016.

divine openeing


However with all that was going on, broken rib, and online shop booming plus the boutique being fitted out & opened it left not much time to ride & to be honest I couldn’t ride I was far too sore.

I will admit I tried but even I said enough, to add insult to injury  I couldn’t even lunge or do in hand work.

So the Horses had a few weeks break.

Towards the end of January we then had to start thinking about the New Autumn / winter collections for next winter 2016, yes I did say it right.


It always feels so wrong & if I’m honest a little depressing planning for next winters clothing when you not even out of the current winter.

The end of Jan also meant a trip to BETA, where we surprisingly had a lovely time & added two more Manufacturers to the Divine Equestrian Fold, The House Of Montar & HKM joined us.

Thankfully despite having many Sales Representatives coming in I did manage to finish January back on board my Horses.

Luckily my P.R.E is a sensible type *Most* of the time so I’ve had no trouble getting him back to work, my other two though are not so easy both young WB horses one only very lightly backed. So lots of long lining is going on before I sit back on board either.

Here’s a  rather well looking Galante aka Mr G posing in his new Eskadron Next Generation Berry Set



Well that was my January i hoped you enjoyed it 🙂

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