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Posted on Jul 28, 2021 in Eventing, Riders blog, Sue Chapplehow-Lacey

A catch up with Chapplehow-Lacey Horses

A catch up with Chapplehow-Lacey Horses

I hope you’re all keeping well and have been enjoying the fantastic weather.

Anybody else ever get frustrated with technology? I’m currently sat here trying to put my entries in for some horse trials. This usually is a very simple job.  Not today!  Every time I get to enter in the third horse and go to press save, draft or complete, the screen goes blank. End of story, start again!  Hence I thought I’d change tactics and write my blog.
My children are all on summer holidays so we have been having a fabulous time at home and away with the horses. My husband and I managed to get a two day break to Ballathie house. We were meant to go in January as a Christmas present, finally made it in June and celebrated our wedding anniversary.

The last few months have been manic but wonderful fun.
So in brief; Drumany has continued eventing.  Her dressage has been improving, still rather tense but we are staying in the arena.  Showjumping really varies depending on if her head is with us or she is starry-eyed. Cross country – she is phenomenal!  Millie has been gaining mileage showjumping and doing some work in hunters. In her last competition she was third in an open, jumped fabulously. I’m hoping to enter her in a BE80 at Northallerton, well, that’s if I can get my entries to go onto the system 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Millie 3rd 143cm m & m open Scottish friends

We have two new girls on the block. The first being Rocaille or Ki to her friends. She is owned and bred by my friend Sam Ritson by one of my sister stallions, Crackenthorpe Rococo. We sadly lost Rococo earlier this month which was rather an unexpected shock but we had to do the right thing by him.

Ki did her first horse trials at the weekend at Warwick gaining fifth in the BE 80. She is stepping up to 90 next weekend only as I’m competing with Millie the day the 80s run. The showjumping may be our weaker element but the cross country she is a dream.

Ki Warwick BE80 5th

The second new addition is Peepings Daisy, a 3yrs old Fell pony. She has been living on the fell her entire life, only seeing people when she was microchiped and on the yearly roundup. So it’s safe to say she is semi-wild. I have left her to gain her confidence and trust in humans,with my mum, Anne Chappelhow.  I didn’t feel it was sensible to bring her back to my house when children may let her out.

Oh yes I nearly forgot,  My wagon had gone to the mechanics for a routine thing, so I thought it would only be there the afternoon. The Wagon ended up staying longer than initially thought and I decided to go showjumping, so popped in to get my gear.  It wasn’t there! Highest praise goes to the western Cumbria task force police for recovering all of my items. Thanks to the power of Facebook an officer on the case saw my post and linked the cases disappointingly the police system hadn’t done this.  Oops!
Since then the wagon has had a revamp and previously could only carry two big horses due to lack of space. Now thanks to Will Farrell I can carry three horses comfortably.  He moved the partition between the living and the horses. What an improvement!

Low Slakes holiday let has been manic, which I’m really pleased about. A huge thank you to my mum Amy and Cheryl without you guys helping me it would be chaos.

Drum Warwick be90 8th

I have to say what a wonderful day we had at Warwick horse trials. Katie Anderson and her family were there. Katie gaining second in the BE90 on her horse, which I have had the pleasure of helping her produce  over the last year.  Once we were all finished Sophie turned up with some Prosecco, Steven had the barbecue going – lunch sorted! Also Gareth had turned up with the children.  This is only the second time he’s come to a horse trials.  This time he actually made it in time to see me compete. While trying to do my dressage test on a very tense Drumany, all I could hear was “go mummy” from a very enthusiastic Georgia. It was just such a delightful day having good friends, family and of course not forgetting my wonderful horses.

Neive enjoying Warwick 

I am so grateful to everybody that helps me and makes it possible to get to competitions.  Thank you all, I really do appreciate you.
Right guys I am going to try once more to get these entries in!
PS I might have gone a little crazy but we will be taking our holiday at Blair this year, with Millie doing the workers on the Friday and Drum and Ki competing in the 90 on Sunday. Hey ho!

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