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Posted on Sep 2, 2015 in Top tips

Top Tips From Abi Hutton for buying a dressage horse

Top Tips From Abi Hutton for buying a dressage horse

1… Assess Type, Temperament, Movement in that order

2….’buy what you see, not what you think will be’ this is especially important when looking at youngsters

3…if you are going with an agent, try and use one who is a horse owner themselves, I highly recommend she is a horse lover and owner and is extremely thorough.

4….try not to look at anything over budget-it’s like knowing you can only afford a hatchback but test driving a spots car

5…if you like a horse, aim to try him again the next morning and get straight on so you can assess what he is like not having been ridden by his usual rider first.

6…try not to box yourself in with specifics eg, ‘I would like a 16.2 black gelding’ you must have a type and size that suits you but sometimes you hear of people finding their perfect horse even if he wasn’t specifically what you were looking for.

7…take your trainer with you, always! Or if they can’t make it ensure you video you trying the horse to show them.

8…don’t scrimp on the vetting and if vetting abroad, forward a copy of the vet report and x rays to your own vet-very very important!

9… Temperament temperament temperament!! If you are torn between a big mover and something that is behaving well, has a nice open eye and a willing feel but not so flashy-go for the temperament! Especially if you work full time, you want to come home from a hard days work looking forward to ride to a horse that is saying ‘yey you’re here for the ride-lets go!’ They are out there!!!

10…trust your instincts, if it’s all seems nice but you have a niggling feeling in the pit of your stomach, think twice … and if he stops your heart dead in your tracks and is suitable& sound-go for it!

Happy shopping!!!

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