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Posted on Oct 30, 2018 in Top tips

Jo gives us a Top Tip #1

Jo gives us a Top Tip #1


Top training tip #1
We hear people say ‘transitions transitions transitions’ which I absolutely agree with, aim to do at least 150 per training session- this can be transitions within the pace as well as between paces.


However my transition advice is don’t do transitions for the sake of doing them – make sure they are quality and are achieving what you want them to achieve. For example using the half halt to create more engagement, think about your aids and using your body. If you half halt from the rein you will slow the front end down or your horse may come against your hand. Try using your core and you should see an improvement in the engagement, the contact will be more consistent and the half halt will be smoother You can do this for your downward transitions too.
Horses learn from repetition and reward so if it’s not as good as you hoped, do it again! If it’s good, reward!
So moving forward to improve both you and your horse- core, core and more core strength!!!

You need to be in self carriage in order for your horse to be.

Could your reins be taken away from you and you stay in balance?!

Need inspiration- check out a certain Miss Dujardin!!! #coregoals!
You will find some little core challenges on my page to help you build your strength.

Happy practising xx

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