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Posted on Dec 2, 2016 in Articles, Rider gear - tried and tested, Tried and tested

1126 VENICE GW Lifestyle Shoes  – Zamberlan Outdoor

1126 VENICE GW Lifestyle Shoes – Zamberlan Outdoor

Proudly manufactured in Italy using our special Goodyear welted process by our skilled craftsmen. This model, developed with an urban style, is produced with our own construction method using soft calf leather and Vibram Genepy outer sole, to offer comfort and flexibility. We are proud, for both your sake and our environment, to produce a chromium free leather insole and the upper with Tuscany’s finest leather which has been treated with Hydrobloc for waterproofness. Additional colored laces available in the box to customize the shoes according to your preferences.

1126 VENICE GW Lifestyle Shoes

€ 250.00


The shoes are made to a very high quality. This is both visible and easy to feel. They are comfortable, warm and have good grips on the soles.

All of the positives however for me don’t weigh out the only negatives are the style. I wouldn’t purchase these shoes purely because they are a bit clumpy and look somewhat like my grandfathers old golf shoes. Make them a little more sleek and fashionable and hands down the quality is something I rate very highly.

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