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Posted on Feb 17, 2020 in Articles, Videos

Why you should always wear a Hat – James Boulton had a minor bleed on the brain from a freak incident

James Boulton was involved in a freak accident when loading a horse. I have seen many riders loading horses (including myself not wearing a hat when doing so ). This just shows how important it is to be wearing a hat at all times when handling horses!.

James tells us what happened after the incident that was caught on camera!

Well… after talking jiberesh for the rest of that day I was taken to hospital and rushed through for a CT scan. Thankfully the yard has the cctv footage to show the incident. Initial response on the Sunday was no major bleed and was told could go home, rest etc but to call 999 should I pass out or vomit….. slept for pretty much two days straight and woke up vomiting…. went to docs who requested 2nd review of CT do discover I had a minor bleed. Same treatment of rest and return should anything happen. Simple tasks such as talking on phone, watching tv etc all have me headaches and for first 8 days and didn’t hardly get out of bed. As back at docs for check up last week and they happy with progress…. got back on horse and only walked last Friday and rode properly today in prep for regionals on Wednesday.

massive thank you Jess for your help this morning….. first time I’ve ridden properly in over three weeks due to a bleed on my brain and heading to Easton College Equestrian Centre for the regionals tomorrow. Thankfully Florence is a mega star, but not anticipating too much of a result. Lesson learnt from this is always wear your hat folks! You never know what might happen! This hurt…. a lot! Put me out of action for three weeks, but could have been much worse!As always mummy (Jane)has been amazing looking after Florence and Roxanne has kept Florence ticking over to help make this week happen… thank you both xx Now…. back to this test learning

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