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Posted on Nov 25, 2019 in Articles, Riders blog, Wayne Garrick

What has Wayne has been up to?! : Wayne garrick

What has Wayne has been up to?! : Wayne garrick

Hello all you gorgeous readers, as per usual I’ve been rampagingly busy with all the horses and animals

We have been incredibly busy with stallion gradings, dressage shows, show jumping and home life.


The goats have started having their babies, the weather is wetter than an otters pocket, we have regimes some chickens, the llamas are still in the field they’re meant to be in and the pigs are causing me a migraine with their scouts truffling up my paddocks!

Viv was kicked out of his stable for a paying customer which was a shock to his system, but he is now warm and dry in the make shift stable of the farrier Bay, he now has an incredibly large stable and our farrier, Sam archer is evicted to the wash box!
Viv is pleased for two main reasons, reason one, he is dry and reason two is that he is the closest to the feed room
The decision to bring him in revolved around needing yo clip him for a dressage comp so we could attain our final qualifying score for regionals, which we nailed down tight at Burrows Court, a lovely venue owned by noel and Rosie Hargan.



Bianca Hill’s cremello Welsh section d stallion Orlando made history by being the first and only Welsh Section D to grade with the AES (Anglo European Studbook)
Scoring a whopping 9 for his jump.


Bianca Hill’s Orlando

Orlando also went on an outing alongside Biscuits little sister Betty boop for an unaffiliated dressage outing coming second in the novice with 70%

Betty won the walk trot in her first attempt of treading the boards with 72% and also coming second in the prelim where she struggled a little, containing her ground covering canter.

Hera, Sid and Biscuit have been out show jumping and throwing some decent clears and even a couple of wins at their respective heights, which boosts my confidence a little in the demon phase

We have also secured a new syndicate for Volatis Defiant, which is hugely exciting and we plan to aim for eventing next season and show jumping through the winter. There are still a couple of places available should you wish to join in

Now for the baby goats, I put it at the end as I just know you would have stopped reading, had I talked about them first

Myth has had a set of twins, a boy and a girl, legend and fairytale.


Legend and Fairytale

Clown had twin girls, she sadly passed due to an horrific incident involving a dog, her legacy lives on in her daughter’s, polka and dot.


Panda and one of the orphans

It’s been a funny old time of it, between life, death and busyness I can’t always remember what day of the week it is or even if there has been a night between the days, I wouldn’t change it for the world, not even the late night baby goat feeding

I hope you are all well and loving the wet and windy hair styles around at the moment xx



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