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Posted on Jul 15, 2017 in Articles, Health & nutrition, Rider gear - tried and tested, Saddlery & tack - tried and tested, Tried and tested, Videos

All about Mojo

MOJO EUROPE are the appointed distributor for MOJO wristbands in Europe they have been used by elite athletes around the world for many years. Now MOJO wristbands are available for the rest of us to try and experience for ourselves!. We at Stable Equestrian are very proud to be able to stock these in for you to buy direct from us!!

Our wristbands are available in a range of sizes including 6, 7, 8 and 9 inch options. MOJO wristbands come in a variety of colour combinations and are available with one or two holograms embedded into the band. The double hologram wristbands are ideal for those of you who want to MAX THEIR MOJO!

The MOJO wristbands are fully REVERSIBLE and COMPLETELY WATERPROOF and as you can see in our testimonials section, they’re worn by a wide variety of sports stars, athletes and celebrities! We also stock MOJO patches for horses – check out the link here and take a look at our videos!

I am as big of a cynic as there is when it comes to products like MOJO holographic wristbands. I never buy into any of these items because I’ve always felt that a lot of the effect is placebo — it’s hard to wrap my brain around something actually working that seems “too good to be true.”

But I have noticed numerous prominent upper-level riders in the world — such as Phillip Dutton, William Fox-Pitt, Mark Todd, Oliver Townend, Lucinda Fredericks, Tim and Jonelle Price, Jock Paget and Laine Ashker — who all use MOJO. Many Clouds, the winner of this year’s Grand National, was also wearing MOJO power patches during his 25-1 long shot victory.

I’ve walked past the MOJO booth at Badminton Last year and several times in years past. Last year, though, I met Simon Tucker at Bramham and he gave me a demonstration of how MOJO works.

MOJO users generally report better balance, focus, pain relief, calming, enhanced endurance and increased stamina. Different people have had different effects from using MOJO. I’ve personally heard testimonials saying MOJO has helped with joint pain or energy, while others say that it made a slight difference but not a huge one. So is this the placebo effect or the real deal? We decided to test MOJO to find out.

The biggest immediate effect I noticed from using my MOJO wristband was the decrease in pain in my lower back. Sitting in a desk chair in the office for hours at Stable Equestrian was not doing wonders for my back and neither was riding problematic and young horses including the fit eventing ones, but once I put my MOJO wristband on, I later realised that the pain in my back had decreased noticeably.


When actually in the saddle and riding I found the back pain had eased and I felt more relaxed in myself and ultimately more focused  to the point were a couple of my trainers remarked as well how much better my position was and how much the horses had improved surely this can be no coincidence?!

I also tried out the patches that are made to put on dog collars and horse halters/bridles. I  tried it on my ex racehorse horse while I was at an event as he can notoriously bad when stood on the lorry in fact to the point where it is just safer to have him off the lorry and stood at the side . When I used the patch, he stood quietly and calmly just munching his haynet think he may of even fallen asleep!!. He’s not the easiest horse to begin with, and I noticed  a huge difference in his behavior. I have also found a difference with other horses in hacking them down the road they are less spooky and in fact one that wouldn’t hack now hacks very well .

There is a reason why professionals use products and I know many of them are as sceptical as me so the fact they are still using them, and not just one but lots of riders are using them tells me there is something valid with this product, and upon my own testing and a few of our riders such as Paul Gaff also use the wristbands and agree with me that this is one piece of kit you need to be wearing!

If you wish to purchase a wristband or horse patches please call 07821782135 after 2pm mon-friday




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