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Posted on Sep 4, 2019 in Articles, Competing

Last Years Winner Tim Price Is Back at Burghley With Three Rides – Will He Retain His Title?

Last Years Winner Tim Price Is Back at Burghley With Three Rides – Will He Retain His Title?

Main Image courtesy of Julian Portch Photography- all rights reserved and are subject to copyright (Tim Price and Xavier Faer )

Tim Price


It will be a sixth consecutive visit to Land Rover Burghley for British-based Olympic New Zealand rider Tim Price (40) the current title holder of the event. He won last year’s event with ‘Ringwood Sky Boy’ who is one of his three entries this year. Tim who is based near Marlborough in Wiltshire where he runs a competition yard with his wife Jonelle, is currently Number One in the FEI World Rider ranking.

With Ringwood Sky Boy, Tim was a member of the fourth placed New Zealand team at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. ‘Bango’ was 10th at Burghley last year and recently a member of the winning team at the Nations Cup in Cappoquin (2nd individually). With ‘Xavier Faer’, he was 3rd at Lexington in May and the pair has previously also been 3rd at Badminton – although this will be a first Burghley for Xavier Faer.

Tim grew up on a farm in Oxford, North Canterbury, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Surrounded by horses from an early age, it seemed natural that Tim would follow a career into horses. He showjumped to World Cup level before deciding that as the majority of the horses he was working with were New Zealand Thoroughbreds they were naturally more suited to eventing.

With the NZ thoroughbred ‘Vortex’, Tim won the CCI2* at the National Championships in New Zealand. The pair went on to compete at 4* level and also won back-to-back Retraining of Racehorses Championships at Barbury Castle (2012/13).

Tim and Jonelle (Richards) began dating in 2001. Two years later they came to the UK to prepare for Burghley with their advanced horses ‘Desamoray’ and ‘Mazetto’, with the aim of competing at the 2004 Athens Olympics. In 2004 both horses went to Badminton and the pair relocated to their current base in Wiltshire the following year. In 2014 Tim achieved the biggest win of his career to date when heading the 4* (now known as 5*) at Luhmühlen with ‘Wesko’ with who he previously won at CCI one, and three-star level (Blair Castle). The pair was a member of the NZ team for the 2014 WEG.

Tim and Jonelle married in New Zealand, in 2013 – they now have a two-year-old son called Otis. Tim’s brother Cam is CEO of Keyflow Horse feeds and his brother Brad is a ‘genuine cowboy in Australia’. Tim trains with British dressage rider and international judge Isobel Wessells and Luis Alvarez Cevera. Outside of eventing he loves travel, camping, skiing and golfing.

Ringwood Sky Boy owned by Varenna Allen, Robert Taylor and rider is a 16-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding. He is by the Irish-based Holstein, Courage II – also the sire of Cooleys Rorke Drift and Duke of Cavan and is out of a mare by the influential Irish thoroughbred Sky Boy. He was bred by Myles Mahon of Enniscorthy in Ireland and has been produced through the levels by Tim. He is described as a ‘complicated and sensitive horse who trusts Tim more than anyone else on the planet’. The pair has ten 4* completions.

skyboy tim price

Tim Price and Ringwood Skyboy Image courtesy of Tim Wilkinson Eventing Images – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Bango, (aka Uno) owned by the Numero Uno syndicate, is an 11-year-old Irish Sport Horse (ISH) gelding. Bred by James Foley he is by Garrison Royal (a son of Cavalier Royale) out of No Sale by Don Tristan. He came to the yard to be broken and never left.  The pair was 10th at Burghley in 2018.

bango tim price

Tim Price and Bango Image courtesy of Tim Wilkinson Eventing Images – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Xavier Faer, owned by his breeder Trisha Rickards and Nigella Hall, is a British-bred 13-year-old gelding. He comes from a line of Trisha’s homebred horses. He is by Catherston Liberator out of the homebred, former advanced mare Faerie Dazzler who is by Catherston Dazzler (sire of former four-star horse Midnight Dazzler).

Xavier Faer is a half-brother (out of the same dam) to the Olympic four-star mare Faerie Dianimo (by Dimaggio) ridden by Tim’s wife Jonelle as well as the six-year-old Faerie Magnifico (by Grafenstolz). He was originally ridden by Elizabeth Power, then Rebecca Howard; Tim took the ride at the end of 2014 at 2* level.


Tim Price and Xavier Faer Image courtesy of Tim Wilkinson Eventing Images – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

Interview below courtesy of lloyd Bell Productions:

Tim last years winner, are you going to be throwing down the gauntlet this year ?

You get all these sorts of questions at the beginning and it’s just so daunting, the task of jumping of jumping round Burghley not just once but I’ve got three horses here, so its all out in front of us, so it’s a very difficult time to sit here and be strong minded and confident, Well confidence is there but to feel like you are going to be once of the contenders, I mean I’d love to be, I think I’ve brought three well prepared Burghley type horses with one being Ringwood Skyboy  defending it from last year, so its all there and I am looking forward to having a good go.

In terms of preparation how has that been going?

Really good, these guys are all quite experienced, they’ve been round probably I guess between them 6/7 times at this level so the preparation is slightly different at that stage where you just do minimal competitions with them and they’ve all gone well. Then the fitness work I don’t think any of them have missed a gallop or anything like that , so I have had what you would consider a very good run up to Burghley so hoping to put that on display

Have you had a good look at the course yet?

Had a look up to half way round the course, comes with having three here I am quite busy, so I got half way then realised I need to get back to ride my horse before the jog. What I have seen looks incredible, it looks big, I don’t know how he does it every year, but year on year it just looks bigger and it really gets you sat up straight in your seat to make a plan to do a good job

What does Burghley mean for you?

I really have Burghley in the back of my mind all year. It feels like everything we do along the way including events at this level in fact are just things that are getting us closer to Burghley. Burghley represents the end of the season. It is the most challenging you could say of all the five stars, so there is these things that it represents. Maybe the combination of everything you have done in the year and  hopefully being able to deliver that into  one performance or in my case three performances here at Burghley. Its just the holy grail as everyone always says, we just want to come and do a really good job around a tough track such as this. It’s a bit different for me now having won it, it brings a different stigma, but I am trying to ignore that  and just get on with my job and take every little mini step that comes along and look forward to having a good week



2019 – Cappoquin CIO4* NC S 2nd Bango

2019 – Luhmühlen CCI5*L 1st  Ascona M

2019 – Tattersalls CCI4*S 1st Acona M

2019 – Badminton CCI5*L 10th Ringwood Sky Boy, ret Bango

2019 – Lexington CCI5*L 3rd Xavier Faer

2018 – Tryon WEG 8th Cekatinka

2018 – Burghley CCI4* 1st Ringwood Sky Boy, 10th Bango

2018 – Blair Castle CCI3* 1st Pats Jester

2018 – Cappoquin CIC3* 7th Ringwood Sky Boy, 8th Bango

2018 – Badminton CCI4* 12th Ringwood Sky Boy

2017 – Burghley CCI4* 5th Ringwood Sky Boy, 18th Xavier Faer 

2017 – Badminton CCI4* 3rd Xavier Faer

2017 – Lexington CCI4* 36th Ringwood Sky Boy

2016 – Pau CCI4* El Xavier Faer

2016 – Burghley CCI4* 4th Ringwood Sky Boy, 21st Bango

2016 – Rio OG El Ringwood Sky Boy

2016 – Badminton El Ringwood Skyboy

2015 – Pau CCI4* 3rd Wesko

2015 – Burghley CCI4* 2nd Ringwood Sky Boy 

2015 – Luhmühlen CCI4* 15th Bango

2015 – Badminton 15th Ringwood Sky Boy

2015 – Lexington CCI4* 2nd Wesko

2014 – Burghley EL Ringwood Skyboy

2014 – Caen WEG Ret Wesko

2014 – Luhmühlen CCI4* 1st Wesko

2014 – Badminton 9th Ringwood Sky Boy, El Wesko

2014 – Tattersalls CIC3* 1st Wesko

2013 – Pau CCI4* 30th Ringwood Sky Boy

2013 – Blair Castle CCI3* 1st Wesko

2009 – Burghley CCI4* Ret Vortex

2009 – Badminton 20th Vortex

2004 – Badminton 48th  Desamoray

2003 – Burghley CCI4* 43rd Desmoray


Tim is sponsored by :

Keyflow Feeds


Sederholm Selected

Kentucky Horsewear



SSG Gloves



Dressage times for Tim Price are as follows:

BANGO Tim Price Thu 0930
XAVIER FAER Tim Price Thu 1621
RINGWOOD SKY BOY Tim Price Fri 1621


We wish Tim the very best of luck on his three rides and look forward to bringing you news on his progress throughout the event

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