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Posted on Jan 22, 2021 in Articles, Health & nutrition

Keyflow Feeds – The complete solution

Keyflow Feeds – The complete solution

We hope this article finds you and your horses keeping warm and well in the current times.
Many of you come to us as you already feed our Keyflow Pink Mash, sometimes with one of our unique feed balancers or complete feeds.
Many of the advice requests we are receiving this winter include horse owners looking for support with:
– Condition and weight- Fussy eaters- Hay replacement- Laminitis and Metabolic Issues- Broodmares and youngstock- Gastric ulcers- Loose droppings- Fizzy behaviour
We are here to help!
Did you know that we can offer a complete solution and a fully balanced diet through the careful selection of one of our feed balancers or complete feeds? Keyflow is unique to many other feed brands out there.
Ingredients are carefully sourced and are often unique – not usually found in horse feed but are selected for their digestibility or quality for example.
Our manufacture process is different too, with feed components, or the entire feed being ‘pre-digested’ where it undergoes a careful cooking process. This increases digestibility in the small intestine and means you can feed a smaller volume than you would with a traditional mix or cube.
We add a wide array of vitamins and organic chelated minerals (balanced by our world leading equine nutritionists) to our balancers and complete feeds, as well as our unique EQ-COMPLETE™ protein. Without getting overly technical, this is a form of protein containing amino acids that have been profiled and matched against those found in horses soft tissue and bone. 

You can request free samples of any of our feeds by following the link below..

If you would like a member of our friendly nutrition team to offer some support with feeding for health and wellbeing throughout the winter we are always here to help. 
You can reach us by calling our advice line on 01672 519000 (select option 2). Alternatively you can email We also have a live chat on our website if you have any quick questions that need answering!
If you would like to schedule a feed advice call please request a call back by following the link below.

We look forward to helping you and the health of your horses soon.
The Keyflow Advice and Support Teamkeyflowfeeds.com01672

Take a look at some of our recommended products here…

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