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Posted on May 27, 2015 in Articles, Top tips, Training

Have you considered having a go at British Eventing ?? Paul Gaff gives us the Pro’s of affiliating!!

Have you considered having a go at British Eventing ?? Paul Gaff gives us the Pro’s of affiliating!!

Few riders would deny that Eventing is exciting and adrenalin filled. For me and many others it is the ultimate equestrian challenge, combining the skill and beauty of dressage, the accuracy and precision of show jumping and the bravery and boldness of cross country. The ability to get all three phases working well on the same day is honed over many hours of schooling, demanding patience and never-ending enthusiasm, whatever level you might compete at. This is what makes it so rewarding and so much fun.

But for many the thought of joining British Eventing can be quite an intimidating prospect. However this really should not be the case, Eventing is a sport that engages all ages and abilities. British Eventing, the governing body, schedules and regulates more than 180 events across Britain every year; that encompasses 94,000 entries by over 10,000 members who range from 12 years old to over 70, from BE80(T) to Four Star.

There is a huge range of membership packages and for those of you just starting, you can compete on a day pass while you get used to the format.

Going more into the sport, just some of the benefits of joining are as follows. The courses are well built, maintained and regulated under the governing body. Therefore the courses are of a correct height, distance, speed and difficulty. With many unaffiliated competitions there aren’t such strict rules in place and in my experience some of the combinations at a low level are in the same league in technicality as some BE intermediate courses. This may be manageable for an experienced rider but isn’t very confidence giving for a young horse and equally for inexperienced or young riders.

These are just some of the benefits to joining as a full member:

* Around 190 events

* As mentioned above Guaranteed safety standards

* Full trained officials

* Safety cover in all eventualities

* Latest fence safety research and technology

* Beautiful, rural venues

* Points accumulation

* Transparent and easy to search online results

* Priority entry with ballot numbers

* Series and Championships at every level

* Pay as you ride with Day and Training passes

* Discounted winter membership to BD

* Discounted Jump Training and JAS entry fees

* Insurance cover

* Over 400 member discounts with the BE Members Advantages website




* Discounted BE Accredited training clinics at all levels

* Under 18 training programme

* Training, camps course walks

* U18 competition




* Bi-monthly glossy ‘British Eventing Life’ magazine

* Monthly e-newsletter

* Members handbook

* Member’s Card for entry to events (excluding 1* or higher 3DE)

* Pin badge

* Dedicated office support

My personal opinion is that although it may seem daunting, take the plunge and have a go! You will be pleasantly surprised at how supportive the officials are and other riders within the sport. And you can start with the airowear BE80 (T). These classes are one of the best ways to get into this incredible sport. The on-site Coach will take guided course walks where you can ask any questions that you like – don’t worry, no question is too silly, and will almost certainly have been asked before, and will be again in the future. The Coach will also help you warm up for your dressage and calm your nerves. However, if you prefer to go it alone, there is no compulsion to use the Coach, it really is completely down to you.



Karen Dixon former GB Olympian Coaching some Airowear BE80(T) competitors at Askham Bryan college

Credit – Adam Fanthorpe

What other sports do you get to not only compete alongside your idols but beat them too! Be part of a great group of riders, enjoy the camaraderie, make new friends, and above all, have a great time partaking in this wonderful sport.


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