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Posted on Sep 10, 2019 in Articles

From 60th to 6th Imogen Murray Climbed The Leaderboard At Burghley 2019 On Ivar Gooden

From 60th to 6th Imogen Murray Climbed The Leaderboard At Burghley 2019 On Ivar Gooden

Images courtesy of Tim Wilkinson – Eventing Images – all rights reserved and are subject to copyright

This was Imogen’s fourth visit to Land Rover Burghley for British rider Imogen Murray (26), who has completed here on each of the three previous occasions – in 2018 she was the first recipient of the Barbara Cooper trophy awarded at Burghley. This is a prize for the ‘best performance by a young British rider’. With her 2019 Burghley entry ‘Ivar Gooden’ she has also completed Badminton three times gaining a career best this year when the pair finished in 8th place.

Imogen, who has a yard in the heart of Leicestershire, has been riding since the age of four and took up eventing aged 13 after a successful showing career in both working hunter and show hunter ponies, regularly competing at the Royal International Horse Show and Horse of the Year Show. In 2011 Imogen was long-listed for Britain’s Junior eventing team (she broke her ankle just before the final trial) and in 2013 with Wiseguy IV was short listed for the British Young Rider team. In 2014 the pair completed Burghley – Imogen’s first 4* (now known as 5*). In 2017 she led the British team to second place in the Nations Cup event at Le Pin Haras – her first Nations cup. Imogen trains with Tracie Robinson and Fred Bergendorff.

Ivar Gooden is a 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse gelding. Bred by Pat Coffey, he is by the thoroughbred Young Convinced (also the sire of Mark Todd’s former four-star ride Major Milestone) out of a mare by Coevers Diamond Boy. He was purchased through Goresbridge sales and came to the UK as a four-year-old. In 2013 the pair was shortlisted for the world young horse championship and the following year completed the seven-year-old world young horse championship CCI2*. In 2017 Ivar Gooden completed his first 4 (*at Badminton) and at the end of that year was only 1 of 2 horses to have completed both Badminton and Burghley with a double clear.


2019 – Aachen CCIO4*S 14th Ivar Gooden
2019 – Badminton CCI5*L 8th Ivar Gooden
2019 – Belton CCI4*S 9th Ivar Gooden
2018 – Burghley CCI4* 19th Ivar Gooden
2018 – Le Pin Haras CICO3* 27th Ivar Gooden
2018 – Aachen CICO3* 24th Ivar Gooden
2018 – Barbury Castle CIC3* ERM 15th Ivar Gooden
2018 – Badminton 11th Ivar Gooden
2017 – Blenheim CCI3* 26th Tomgar Jess
2017 – Burghley CCI4* 14th Ivar Gooden
2017 – Badminton 21st Ivar Gooden
2016 – Blenheim CCI3* 12th Ivar Gooden, 41st Tomgar Jess
2015 – Blenheim CIC3* 8/9 28th Ivar Gooden
2014 – Le Lions CH-M-YH-CCI2* 38th Ivar Gooden
2014 – Burghley CCI4* 35th Wiseguy IV

Well what a Burghley these two had again as they finished in an incredible 6th place after lying in 60th place post dressage :

22.8 1
26.8 1
4.0 30.8 1
63 VANIR KAMIRA Piggy French
26.9 5
26.9 2
4.0 30.9 2
81 BALLAGHMOR CLASS Oliver Townend
25.3 2
27.3 3
4.0 31.3 3
29 REVE DU ROUET Sarah Bullimore
29.6 11
39.6 5
39.6 4
1 BANGO Tim Price
29.6 11
41.6 7
41.6 5
39 IVAR GOODEN Imogen Murray
40.4 60
44.4 8
44.4 6

Dressage :

Dressage does not seem to be Ivar Gooden’s favourite or best phase. This horse is not blessed with a big elastic stride but they had a good rhythm throughout however they did seem to lose marks at the flying changes as they weren’t as clean and crisp and one would have liked.

We thought Charles did one of his best tests at this level. Unfortunately some of the work was rather harshly marked. But…we’re closer to the top of the leaderboard than ever before, so that’s one thing!


Cross Country :

Now this is where this combination excel and although we didn’t get to see much of their round what we did see was just foot perfect. They made the Trout Hatchery look ridiculously easy and flew through it like it was just some cross poles on a related distance. The next time we really saw her was the Rolex Combination and again they were textbook through that and very nippy doing it as well. Clarence Court came and went as well were they looked to have picked up some speed and were the best through that combination all day! Ivar Gooden is one of the fastest horses on the circuit yet they still incurred 4 time penalties as they were 10 seconds over the time.This did however bring her from 60th place right up to 8th place as we had said in a previous article  – The Beast Of Burghley this course was coursing huge problems all over the place!!  This is was one of the best combinations out on course of the day for sure and if that dressage improves then she will have the ultimate package!!

To be in 60th after dressage was extremely disappointing. The hours of hard work that goes in to preparing for it, and still we didn’t seem to make the judges happy. But now we’ve turned the frown upside down and the leaderboard. Instead of being 8 from the bottom we’re 8th!!

Today Sir Charles showed the world what he’s made of yet again. He made the world’s toughest 5* track feel easy! He really is a freak of nature and was still pulling as he crossed the finish line.

Fingers crossed he’ll come out fit and well in the morning and will ping around coloured poles


Showjumping :

Well another outstanding performance from these two, keeping in a lovely rhythm and just getting on with their job! They looked fresh and ready for this phase and Ivar Gooden looks like this is another phase he really enjoys . They jumped a fabulous clear and with Gemma Tattersall and Santiago bay having a pole and Ludwig Svenerstal having two poles on Stinger this allowed Imogen to move up to 6th place !


Image Courtesy of Lucy Hall Photography – all rights reserved and is subject to copyright



This is not the first time these two have moved up an incredible amount of places, they did a very similar thing at Badminton earlier this year. After lying 65th after the dressage a double clear moved them up to finish in eighth place!

Badminton Results 2019 :

1 PIGGY FRENCH 32VANIR KAMIRA 26.8 26.0 (4) 0.8 (2)
2 OLIVER TOWNEND 97BALLAGHMOR CLASS 27.1 +0.3 21.1 (2) 0.4 (1) 4 1.6
3 CHRISTOPHER BURTON 108COOLEY LANDS 28.1 +1.3 28.1 (=11) (5)
4 CHRISTOPHER BURTON 16GRAF LIBERTY 33.7 +6.9 27.7 (9) (3) 4 2.0
5 ANDREW NICHOLSON 59SWALLOW SPRINGS 35.8 +9.0 27.8 (10) (4) 8
6 OLIVER TOWNEND 9CILLNABRADDEN EVO 36.1 +9.3 19.7 (1) 12.4 (7) 4
7 KRISTINA COOK 101BILLY THE RED 40.5 +13.7 28.1 (=11) 12.4 (10)
8 IMOGEN MURRAY 75IVAR GOODEN 41.2 +14.4 39.6 (65) 1.6 (12)


This combination of horse and rider are a thrill to watch cross country and as I say if they improve that dressage then they will be definite contenders. They are the dark horse in eventing that you would edge your bets on!!

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