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Posted on Jun 4, 2020 in Articles, Riders blog, Top tips, Videos

Fantastic Showjumping Exercise from Will Fletcher

• This is an exercise that is very easy to set up, you can use this in any size arena or field. I have set up the poles up with 14 yards between the poles that are opposite each other.

• The object of the exercise is to help adjust the stride pattern of the horse.

• So to start with try and maintain the even rhythm which is 5 strides between poles in my case.

• Once you have managed that you can change the stride patterns, for me I made my pace quicker and extended the stride to get 4 strides between the poles.

• After that I went to add a stride from the normal 5 to get 6. To do this I put more leg on to push the stride into my hand to shorten the stride. To help you its easier to take a wider line to get more space between the poles.

  • If you have managed to get to grips with that you can change the amount of strides in-between ever line. You can mix this up in any way that you like, like 5-4-5-4 or 5-5-4-4. This really helps horses maintain a good balance and helps with the adjustment of their stride.

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