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Posted on Mar 2, 2018 in Articles, Health - tried and tested, Health & nutrition, Tried and tested

Falcon Equine Feed’s Omega Rice – Tried and Tested

Falcon Equine Feed’s Omega Rice – Tried and Tested

Omega Rice is an energy dense, high calorie feed that is used to top dress the horses feed promoting:

  • Condition
  • Muscle Tone
  • Skin & Coat health.
  • Stamina Energy.


The Key Benefits to feeding your horse Omega Rice are:

  • Improved condition and stamina
  • Maintaining skin health and coat condition
  • Formulated from both Rice Bran & Linseed (both well-known conditioning feeds!)
  • High oil and Omega 3 content
  • Added limestone
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Competition Legal
  • Excellent for fussy feeders, veterans & sales preparation with rapid results!

Omega Rice is a completely non heating product due to its low starch and sugar levels. The main supply of energy from this feed is Oil.

Feeding Recommendations:

Based on a 500kg horse 250g to 1000g per day.

For larger horses you would be looking between the 500g and 1500g



Q) Why feed Omega Rice?

– Omega Rice is designed to be fed to horses and ponies that require condition and stamina. Omega Rice is perfect for increasing calorie intake especially for horses that are fussy eaters. It can be fed to a variety of horses and ponies. It’s also a great way of increasing your horse’s stamina without the need of changing their diets completely.

Q) What makes Omega Rice so Special?

– Omega Rice is a conditioning feed topping that not only helps to promote skin health and coat shine but also promotes condition and muscle tone. It is a combination of both Rice Bran and Linseed combined into one small pellet.

Q) Can I use this if im Competing?

– Omega Rice is completely competition legal and can be used in all affiliated and un-affiliated competition. It is made in BETA NOPS accredited mills which mean all ingredients & products regularly undergo rigorous testing.

Q) Will this be good for my horse?

– Omega Rice is great for all horses and ponies that need a little extra condition or just that something extra to give them bloom and stamina. If your horse or Pony suffers from or is prone to laminitis and doesn’t need the condition then we do have other products that would be more suited to their needs.

Q) Will this heat my horse up?

– Omega Rice is a non-heating feed so shouldn’t cause any heated or fizzy behaviour. It is low starch and low sugar for the amount that you need to feed.

Q) What makes this different to feeding other conditioning feed toppings? – Omega Rice is formulated from 2 separate ingredients which are both renowned for their conditioning properties – Rice Bran & Linseed. They are combined together at the correct ratio into a small pellet form to ensure that your horse gets the best of both ingredients in one hit. The Omega Rice provides a natural source of anti-oxidants and has added Vitamin E for excellent Nutritional Health.

Q) Can I add this on top of my horses feed or do I need to change their diets completely? – Omega Rice is a feed topping so can simply be added to the horse’s current feed plan with no need for pre-soaking.

Q) How much Omega Rice should I feed my horse? – The recommended feeding ration that we recommend for an average 500KG horse is between 250g – 1000g per day. Depending on the size and condition of the horse this amount can vary. Please call our nutritional advisor for more precise feeding plans for you horse.

Q) What are the Starch and Sugar percentages in the Omega Rice?

For the amount that you need to feed the Sugar & Starch levels of the Omega Rice are low at only – Starch – 15% – Sugar – 2%




After feeding Falcon Equine Feeds and seeing a massive difference I couldnt wait to test this product as dealing with horses coming out of training isnt always easy and some drop weight like no tomorrow well in fact they really had no weight it was purely muscle and they obviously come out of the hard work and so they start to look scarily thin one such racehorse had been turned out prior to me getting him and he was unfortunately rejected from the herd so was incredibly underweight so this was going to be a test on this product. I have to say within a few week I noticed a difference in him and the weight was coming and his top line was coming three months on he looks a different horse. This product is highly palatable in fact the horses go for it first if they can and most of all its economic. All my horses are now on this product and they really do shine from within and best of all no fizziness!!!

five star rating


bertie wallace

After 2 months on Omega Rice

bertie wallace

Before – in October 2017 upon arrival


omega rice

If you have other questions that you want to ask about Omega Rice then please call and speak to our nutritional advisor. 01798 813312

Omega Equine or Falcon Equine Feeds




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