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Posted on Oct 28, 2019 in Articles, Health & nutrition

End of British Summer Time  – Keyflow Feeds

End of British Summer Time – Keyflow Feeds


With the changes in the season and weather, it also signals a change in the management of our horses. We may already have changed to stabling them overnight and with recent heavy rain may be restricting turnout. We see the end of British Summer Time this weekend and the return of dark evenings, so riding time may be at a premium during the week.The horse has evolved to graze and roam for over 16 hours a day picking at a range of vegetation. In domestication we limit their freedom of choice and self selection of their diet. Last month we considered hay and forage choices. We need to be mindful of making the transition from grass to hay or haylage carefully. Forage changes need to be made as carefully and gradually as hard feed changes so the gut microbiome (living colonies in the hindgut) can adjust.The microbiome digests dietary fibre, and allows access to micronutrients that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Including a high quality probiotic in the daily ration helps to stabilise the gut population, limiting growth of the undesirable acidogenic bacteria and supporting a healthy hindgut pH.

Pink Mash has been scientifically formulated to support the hind gut health of all horses and ponies. This delicious quick soak mash provides a significant source of highly digestible super fibre combined with the goodness of beetroot and linseed. World renowned probiotics from Protexin® and prebiotics are added to support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, allowing for more effective fibre fermentation, better feed conversion and general horse health.

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