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Posted on Aug 23, 2019 in Articles, Competing

Berkeley leads Blair CCI4*S going into the cross country

Berkeley leads Blair CCI4*S going into the cross country


Daisy Berkeley and Ballinteskin Cooper S take the lead in the dressage today which a very smart test which looked relaxed and precise and the score reflected just that. They sit in the lead on a score of 30.4 with Polly Stockton, Nicolas Astier and Sam Ecroyd sitting less than one penalty mark away from them so its all to play for and will make the cross country time very influential


We caught up with Daisy to see what her thoughts were on her test

I am really pleased with him, there were a couple of little bits, like he had a jog in his walk, slightly my fault because after his walk pirouette I got a fly in my eye, always my right eye as well so I tried to grab the fly out my eye as I turned into my extended walk and he had a jog  but I would rather he was a bit sharp than a bit lazy because they are no fun when they are lazy and he has a lot more presence when he is sharper, I was really pleased with him today and I hope they liked him

Have you walked the cross country?

I have had a couple of goes round actually as I have had nothing else to do all week well apart from lying in bed and taking my daughter to the Helter Skelter, It is always decent when you come here, it is obviously not as strong as the long four star but there is lots to do and the hills here a very testing but the ground is amazing, I was worried it wouldn’t run at the beginning of the week but blair is Blair and it gets its head down and pushes on through and comes out the other sideline this and it is lovely.

What are you planning to do for the rest of your day today?

Well it doesn’t sound very athletic but I might go and give my horse a big hug, potter back to the lorry and have a an ice cold Corona which is in my fridge and definitely one of them has my name on it!

My working pupil is doing the 2 star long format so after my Corona i will go for a walk round the course with her and find her minute markers and set her a plan  and tomorrow I only have to show jump so I will have another walk round then. I will support Lucy tomorrow and wave some buckets and sponges and then Sunday is the big Cross country day!



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