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Posted on May 1, 2018 in Articles, Competing, Eventing

Badminton Bound … with Warren Lamperd 2018

Badminton Bound … with Warren Lamperd 2018


 Warren is based at White Hart Stables, Berkshire with his wife Susanna. Silvia was purchased as an unbroken 6 year old and has developed a great partnership with Warren, with completions at Gatcombe, Blenheim, Barbury and Burghley (to name a few). This will be their first trip to Badminton.


You have two Burghley Horse Trials completions under your belt with Silvia (and grace the programme cover for their 2018 event), however this will be your first Badminton campaign. What challenges do you expect Badminton will present?

The same really as riding any course or ground you haven’t ridden before. My horse won’t know and I won’t so will have to be on our toes. I think she has prepared well and she’s pretty astute so we can only see how things roll.


Do you have any hopes or expectations for the event?

I hope to do well, I expect to give it my best. Prepare as well as I can and then just do my job.


We have had an unprecedented amount of bad weather and event cancellations this season. How has your pre-Badminton preparation gone? If you haven’t had the pre-runs you had hoped, what have you done to ensure you are both ready?

She is fairly experienced and a good jumper though you wouldn’t take her for granted as she’s pretty careful. You’ve got to support her and let her work things out. She doesn’t like being shocked or surprised. For me it’s about getting her there confident and at the moment I feel pretty good.


At what point did you realise that Silvia had the capabilities to succeed at 4* level? What is her strongest phase?

Can’t say it’s ever been obvious, she just keeps jumping. She’s never been quick and walks up hills but she just keeps doing it.


Who will you be walking the course with?

Probably the Australian contingent at some stage and there are a few good brains about the place that I will be picking.


In addition to being an event rider, you are also a professional coach. For those who aren’t familiar with “The Lamperd Method” could you tell us a bit more about it?

In a nutshell I guess you’d describe it as being more about understanding the horse, what it’s thinking, and how it works. The horse is the one that performs the task and we just guide them so very much about giving them the ingredients and allowing them to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s very easy to try and dominate and tell but I know with Silvia she just puts me on the floor if I take that approach.

For riders it’s learning how to trust a horse as you can’t get off and pick up five or six hundred kilos and carry it so you to let them do the job. Feeling a horses mental focus and understanding of the question and being able to support it in it’s learning would be how I’d describe my approach to coaching. If the horse doesn’t understand then that’s your fault and I see a lot of riders getting frustrated when they are confused and then saying why doesn’t my horse just understand.

As a person, a rider, and a coach I feel that if I’m not pushing my boundaries how can I expect others to do the same. If you can’t push your boundaries in a relatively safe way then you can’t develop as a rider. You can get better at what you can already do but you can’t move beyond where you are now.


How special is it to be able to coach other equestrians?

It is generally a real privilege but it is about building trust and confidence in each other. I can’t expect you to push yourself and take me seriously if you don’t trust me. With that I can challenge you but often I need to build up to this. It isn’t for everyone but when you see individuals doing something they dreamed of then that’s great and seeing them intrinsically happy. For me the result comes from the process rather than it being all about the result.

KNP_Warren&SilviaLRBHT17 (C) Katie Neat Photography

KNP_Warren& Silvia LRBHT17 (Burghley 2017 (C) Katie Neat Photography


What are your indispensable pieces of kit?

A jump saddle I can move in that doesn’t get in the way. Love my Equiclass Boots, my Shockemohle riding wear and my Kask jumping helmet.  If it’s the youngsters, a horse I don’t know or I’m schooling then my neck strap is imperative!


What are your tips for Rider and Horse recovery after an event?

For me everything is about time and being allowed to recover. I think it’s very easy to take a horses willingness for granted and push them harder than they need at the expense of longevity. We have a good team that monitors our horses and if I do my job right then the horse should be ok. If there’s a problem then I have a group of people I trust who can help me assess and do what we need to do.


What will be your aim after Badminton?

See how we are when we finish and then decide. I would love to go back to Burghley and then come back to Badminton again but we’ll decide that as we go. I then have our team of younger horses that have been a bit neglected with the way the season has gone so far so after I finish building my truck they can start getting out. I’ll probably have to work harder to pay for them as they are ours. By our I mean myself and my wife Susie.


If your horse was a famous person (past or present) who would they be and why?

Helena Bonham Carter, very beautiful but you can’t take her for granted!


What does competing at Badminton Horse Trials mean to you?

I’ve been in the UK for twenty or so years now and I’ve been close several times but it just hasn’t worked. Competing at these events is the reason I moved to this country as they don’t exist anywhere else in the world


Have you viewed the course preview? Is there a particular fence that has got your heart racing?

I’m encouraged by the natural use of materials which I think will help the horses not having run much this year and certainly will help my horse. I know she can jump the dimensions but reading the lines and having her understand the fences will be the challenge. As always the water with a big log in jumping towards the crowd is a question but we have been warmed up with the rail into water before and I’m sure the white rails will look intimidating.


Stable Equestrian wishes Warren & Silvia the best of luck!

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