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Posted on Apr 2, 2016 in Articles, Health & nutrition, Holistic

andy eckley

andy eckley

Introducing Andy Eckley :  Internationally known equine therapist

Based in the North West of England in a town called St Annes is a therapist who’s achieving stunning changes to both horse and riders performance.

Andy has been involved in horses for over 40 years having owned, broken in and ridden his first horse in 1971. This sparked off an interest in connecting and understanding horses that has lasted a lifetime.


Andy bond with horses means he can help even so called dangerous horses and when he is teaching around Europe he often gets tested with the most difficult horse in the stable often bonding within minutes. One client recently said she’d never seen a faster join up as Andy had walked over with her to her horse who immediately walked close behind Andy back to the stable instead of his owner with no lead rope.

 Andy has studied and helped develop equine techniques and has a deep understanding of the human and equine body having studied for many years human therapies and in the last 10 years extensively studied equine therapies including horses anatomy and physiology.

For the last 3 years Andy has been teaching senior instructor for EMMETT therapy in Europe teaching up students and creating instructors in many countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Ireland England & Wales.

As everything is now in place in these countries to continue without Andy’s inspiration he has now started a new chapter in his life with his first love which is helping as many horses as he can by treating them and their riders for muscular pain and tension.

The key to peak performance is regular sessions for both horse & rider to soften tight muscles, reduce injuries, take  away compensation patterns and help the rider and horse become more balanced with softer stronger muscular structure.

Andy is happy to travel to your yard and talk about your specific issues including behavioural problems affecting your horses to see what the best way forward is for you to achieve peak performance.


Protecting Horses on Film Sets

In 2014 Andy was selected to be trained by American Humane Association’s “No Animals Were Harmed” devision to be one of only a handful of people outside America qualified to monitor and protect all animals on film sets This is a position of responsibility given to either Veterinarians or horse experts who have shown the skills and temperament needed to safely work in the film industry and is a recognition of his talents.

Call Andy Today!

Tel: 01253 726222

Mob: 07902 449433


Online Booking Here

Available Therapies

Equine & Human Trigger Point Therapy

Equine & Human Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Equine & Human Bowen

EMMETT 4 Horses & Riders

Reiki Touch for Horse & Rider

Preventing Injuries

When you book regular treatments for your horses using hands on muscle relaxation techniques you help reduce the chances of injuries to tendons and muscles along with improving the performance and recovery time.

Soft, supple and strong muscles free from knots and tension allow your horse to fulfil its full potential…

Andrew Derrick Eckley 

Certified Animal Safety Representative TM 

American Humane Association

11530 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City CA  91604

p: 818-501-0123  | cell: +44(0)7902 449433 | fax: 818-762-0908 | Skype: andy.eckley

American Humane AssociationTM

The nation’s voice for the protection of children & animalsTM

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