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Stable Equestrian Rider – Giorgia Burns

Giorgia burns xc
pic credit: Dave Cameron

I got into horses through my mum, she had a Connemara pony that I would have a sit on when I was only little and I finally got my own pony when I was 7, my little sister also got into ponies, so I was very lucky to have her around, as having company at that age I think is very important.

I don’t come from a horsey family, my mum always dreamed of having a horse and she only got one for her 40th birthday, so we had to learn along the way and made many mistakes, but I suppose that makes me a bit more resilient now, and I know it’s not bad to make mistakes as you learn more.

I always knew I wanted to event, I loved watching it as a little girl, I was a huge fan girl of the likes of Ian stark and Piggy French. once I had my own pony I tried everything from showing, to dressage and showjumping, but there was nothing that gave me the thrill like eventing, plus I always knew if I ever wanted to give up eventing at least I had the option of doing something else with the horses, as I work very hard at all 3 disciplines.

So horses I have are : 3 of my own :

Rolex, a novice/2star horse that came to me a few years ago as a tricky horse that bolted, but I instantly fell in love with him and although he is quirky, I just love riding him, not to mention I don’t think we have seen the best of him yet !

Boss, oh my oh my, boss is the apple of my eye, if Boss was a human I would marry him ! lol he was at intermediate level, and he is currently out with an injury that he got in the field, it’s a long road to recovery when you have such an invaluable horse that you want to come back to competition work 100% so he will not be rushed, but the vets are very happy with him and he will make A full recovery and back on the event circuit 2021, in the meantime, he is being brought back slowly, and will showjump and dressage, that will only benefit him in the long run

Tag, we have a bit of a love hate relationship lol , when I got Tag he was so difficult to handle and ride that I lost all my nerve, it’s taken me a while to get to grips with him, and sort out his issues, we both have overcome so many demons, that we incredibly now have this very unique strong bond. He made a few BE 80 appearances in 2019, which he learned so much from, so 2020 will be a lot of fun with him, and can’t wait to see him progress.

I have the ride of another 3 horses.

Star who is owned by Alison Mathers, she has been a very valuable mare on my string of horses, she was the BE Scottish 90 champion 2018, and is a very reliable little mare, we were selected for the 90 regional finals 2019 where our team came 4th and star put in such a fabulous performance. Not sure what 2020 will bring for star, but whatever she does, she will give it her best.

Chino i only got the ride of him this year and he is owned by Pam Scott, and luckily he is now based with me along with all the rest of the gang. he is such a little rogue on the yard, all the horses adore him, he clearly would have been the popular boy in school lol. He had a year at 80 as he lost his confidence previously, but he had a great learning and fun year so 2020 will see him move up the ranks.

Lastly there is Harry ! Who is owned by carol lee, what can I say about Harry… only that Harry can make you want to cry one minute and jump for joy the next ! He has pushed every button that I have (even ones that I didn’t know I had) but we all agree….there is just something about him ! Not to mention He is super talented, so he will make his first appearance on the circuit in 2020 and we will see just what Harry is made of.

Every single horse I have, has had the time spent on them and never, ever rushed. I believe in bringing them on at their own pace, some come quicker than others, but I treat them as the individuals that they are, and I feel that’s how I get the best from them. All the horses have a tailor made, work, feed and health plan, not to mention all their tack is designed specifically for them, I believe to get the best from them in training and competition we need to give them every opportunity to feel at their best.

Every horse I ride I treat it as they were my own, some have stolen my heart more than others, but we are all a team and I am grateful to them all for what they do for me.

Giorgia Burns
pic credit: Dave Cameron


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