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Posted on Sep 2, 2018 in Articles

We caught up with Ben Way and Galley Light after the Cross Country

We caught up with Ben Way and Galley Light after the Cross Country

To say I wasn’t biting my nails when Ben left the start box would be a lie after watching so many great riders have run out and stops throughout the day before Ben ran was enough to make me wonder why riders want to tackle this type of course!. In all honesty I know exactly why I mean why wouldn’t you want to go to a beautiful estate and complete one of the biggest courses in the world! Just to even get to Burghley is a feat in itself and we must remember that when things don’t go the way you would have liked.

nicola todd bw

Ben and Galley Light set off well and with purpose. The first fence we saw them ride through was the Trout Hatchery and Ben rode Galley Light really well through the combination 11abc and 12ab though Galley Light looked a little “green ” ┬ájust coming up the step out of the water they they continued on but at fence 14 The Maltings at part A Ben and Galley Light hit the back rail and the frangible pin did it’s job and the pole dropped it was at this point which at a guess about the half way point in the course that Ben decided to retire. Which to be fair I think was the absolute correct decision.



We asked Ben to tell us what happened out there on course how was your ride up to the retiring point at 14 the maltings?

Galley Light travelled and jumped well in the early part of the course but was a little slow and deliberate through both the leaf pit and the trout hatchery.He is a very sensitive horse and did not feel as though we was taking me into his fences with confidence so after hitting the back rail of the A element at the malting I decided to retire him. He is a horse that owes me nothing and to tackle a course like that they need to be full of confidence!


What will be your next plans with galley light ?

He has come out of it well and will have a nice OI run to finish the season. Next season he will be 16 so we might plan a campaign around the ERM series.


It has been a total pleasure to work with Ben, he is a humble and relaxed guy who really does put his horse’s needs first. I find him inspiring as it shows that you don’t have to be a full time professional rider to get to the top level of the sport. He is a lesson to us all that if you want something you will make it happen!

ben way nt dr2


We hope to catch up with them again next year and wish them every bit of success in their next event.

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