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Posted on Nov 18, 2019 in Articles

Voltaire Design’s Blue Infinite

VOLTAIRE DESIGN Since its inception in 2010, Voltaire Design has experienced unmatched growth in the equestrian industry. In just a few short years, the company has transformed from a workshop in a garage in the south of France to a world-wide distributor of superior products to athletes that include elite champions across multiple disciplines.

Earlier this year President and Founder of Voltaire Design, Brice Goguet, revealed the revolutionary Blue Infinite Saddle, setting the pathos technology for the next decade.

“In 2010, the Palm Beach introduced fashion into saddles and an unprecedented level of comfort for riders and horses. In 2016, the Blue Wing revolutionised the industry as the first high-tech saddle. It has proven at the highest level of the sport how effective it can be,” commented Brice.

The forward-thinking design of the Blue Infinite boasts an impressive series of engineering feats including its adaptable tree, 30 percent lighter weight and data collection, not to mention the sleek look and personalised QR code that allows owners to track saddles across their lifetimes and prevent theft.


Voltaire Design is one of the of the only equestrian companies in the world with a dedicated research team and their engineers have worked hard at pushing the limits in saddle design.

The first component of the Blue Infinite is its tree. It is a beautiful piece of engineering. The revolutionary web-shaped design for the tree makes it adapt itself to almost any horse and to men and women with the same efficiency. Its anatomical engineering leads to outstanding performance and can reduce the pain that some riders feel in the saddle.

While providing maximum rider comfort, Voltaire Design’s unique design accomodates the natural movements of the horse, allowing for movement throughout the shoulder thanks to flexible tree points, lack of stitching on the underside of the panel, memory foam that provides shock absorption and an adaptive fit as the horse moves.

Voltaire Design believes so strongly in the durability of the saddle’s tree that they are offering a lifelong warranty on the Blue Infinite.

With a goal of making the most innovative saddle in the world, Voltaire Design have integrated an electronic component without the need for any external device. This “connected” saddle will allow for both professionals and amateurs to access more meaningful information about their horses, as well as display analytics to veterinarians or trainers for input regarding a horse’s health or training.

“We set two goals, one which was to help riders better understand their horse. Horses are complete athletes. We believe that we can help you monitor your horse over time, and monitor its wellbeing. Our second goal is to improve performance. Blue Infinite lets you analyse your jump course, jump by jump. It can help you understand why you had a jump down, where you could have saved more time or how you won,” said Goguet.

The Blue Infinite allows the user to track and analyse various aspects including; • Straightness over jumps • Weight percentage on each leg • Pressure upon take-off and landing on either side of a jump • Measurement of the bascule, among other data sets.

Even more impressive, Voltaire Design’s innovative new saddle will also be able to synchronise data with video footage shot on any device to provide for a visually stimulating method in which to better understand your horse and your riding.

To organise your own completely free and no obligation trial and fitting of Voltaire Design in the comfort of your own yard contact your local Sports Saddle Specialist:

Shane Speak: Wiltshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands. 07384542445

Bonnie Desborough: Scotland, Northumberland, Cumbria, Teesside, Durham,North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire. 07799 817319

Laura Bradley Wales, Herefordshire and West Worcestershire07748834686

Laura Marsden West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire,Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Isle of Man.07468 417811

Oliver Smith Lancashire, Cheshire, Birmingham, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Shropshire, East Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.07341 643351

Phil Roelich Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordhire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Ireland. 07717 507560

Jess Cross Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Greater London, Essex and Suffolk. 07468417811

Ellen Cameron Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset 07444 593496

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